I had a decent shift at work last night. last night of rotation, no really heavy lifting (ie no real hard calls) I did a fire standby & We did bust a few bikers for drugs. But sometimes the blog material just materializes when you are not expecting it.
Last night we had just made the arrest of the 5 bikers, there was about 5-6 cops along with me in the booking room. One of them was “the rookie” he was the booking officer (what we call the beastmaster) So you got between 10-11 macho type guys evenly distributed between “good” guys and “bad” guys. It’s kinda a tense situation. As a cop you are always aware and tend to keep your guard up until all your prisoners are tucked away nicely in their cells, and I am sure the bikers were just as tense as we were because:
  • They just got arrested.
  • All their bikes and trucks had been towed.
  • And finally, they knew that while we were booking them the DA was signing off on a search warrant of their clubhouse.
So you could cut the tension with a knife.
Well all of a sudden someones cell phone starts ringing, and in this day and age with all the customizable ring tones, you can expect just about anything coming from the phones around you. I used to have the clown song from the circus ring tone on mine.
But it took us all by suprise when the phone ringtone started playing the 80’s WHAM song “careless whispers” Each guy in the cellblock was looking around to see who had the phone that was ringing. Lo and behold, it was the rookies phone. Needless to say all the good guys and bad guys shared a brief chuckle.
The rookie had gotten into an arguement with his wife just before going to work yesterday and she told him she was going to get even with him. He didn’t pay much heed to it. So his wife grabbed his phone while he wasn’t looking and downloaded that particular ringtone and sent him off to work with a kiss and a hug.
She couldn’t have set him up better if she tried.
He will be hearing a lot of shit about it for a Looooooooooooong Time. All in good fun….
This rookie is a really good kid, a hard worker, and will be an awesome cop when he finds his groove but he still hasn’t found his place in the whole scheme of things yet and he still does rookie things (we all did them, and we took the grief until we each individually found our comfort zone)
Sometimes its just so easy blogging.

16 thoughts on “

  1. Good morning Enforcer !
    She got him good all right! Ah yes, payback…

    Without the teasing, what would a rookie remember in ten years ???

    Glad you think he’s going to turn out to have the right stuff. He’ll be someone’s hero one day !

    Anne Elizabeth

  2. Good Mornin AnneElizabeth,
    I gotta admit she got him good. You are right about the teasing,
    If I ever end up DWB
    (Drunk While Blogging) I may share MY Rookie Story…..

    Why do I get the feeling that someone is filing that trick away in the back of her mind for future use?

  3. Man – now I can’t get that song out of my head!!! i’ll be singing it all day tomorrow. Thanks, E!

    P.S. I’d pay to read you BWD!

  4. LOL when I first saw the heading I was ready to jump in and defend wives, but that is pretty damn funny!

    My sister in law and I did that to my father in law one day…we thought it would be great if when she or I called him, the Can Can played on his phone. I think it happened ONCE and he took it to Verizon to get them to fix it. If he could have, he would have had them remove that ringtone. Still worth the giggles, though. Of course I know it didn’t happen in a cell block, which makes that story a million times better, but …

    thanks for sharing! Got a giggle out of me this morning.

  5. Wive’s can be so ruthless!! Nothing like having George “I Blow Guys in Restrooms” Michaels be your ringtone.
    It is amazing watchign rookies come into their own. And it’s so easy to spot the ones that are worthless.

  6. WW-
    Each segment of society has its achievers and its undesirables and most of us are in the middle ground, I still dig bikes and biker people

    dontcha hate it when that happens, someone mentioned the Bowie song “space oddity” the other day and I couldn’t stop humming it.

    I like you, you are always ready to go toe to toe you got spunk. Glad you got a chuckle out of it like I did

    I agree wholeheartedly with both things. Wives CAN be ruthless and Rookie Handicapping is one hell of a fun way to pass the time during a slow shift.

    remind me to keep a firm hold of my phone around you LOL

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