Craziness at its finest

I have a seargent who has summed up our department perfectly. Its short and simple. My department works best when chaos reigns. When the defication is hitting the ventillation this place runs like a well oiled machine. I never gave it much thought but it seems to be true.

For most of this past year it has been very mild crime wise around here. There have been a few crime flareups from time to time but all and all the shit has been buttoned down and everything has been squared away.

We made it through a crazy summer virtually unscathed, the gangs have been kept at bay, and all of this has fostered grumpiness, second guessing, and just pure aggrivation amongst the ranks, patrol vs cpop, cpop vs detectives, rank and file vs officials, everyone vs dispatch . (I think it may have been secondshoetodropitis) Well lately crime has made a comeback. We have had a couple of murders, some heavy duty barfights, domestics and gun calls. And to tell the truth I have seen differences pushed aside, officers pulling together and a great deal of good work done from dispatchers all the way over to patrol and specialty units to get a lid on things and it is most deffinately working. A well oiled machine, a beacon of light through the fog of crazy.

One thing cops rarely get it that elusive attaboy for a job well done. Well my department as imperfect as it may be deserves an attaboy and I am glad to provide it.


3 thoughts on “Craziness at its finest

  1. Big pats on the back out to all your homeboyzzz and girlzzz! And a special pat on the back for you E! :O) You keep those streets safe, k?

  2. Hey I’ll give ya that “attaboy” if only for using “defication hits the ventilation” LOL — I’d gladly give you a personal one if I knew what city you worked for LOL

  3. Jules-
    Thanks I really appreciate it bigtime. My personal attaboy is the endless blog material that the public at large provides me with.

    I love that phrase, I use it whenever I can LOL
    I’ll play hot or cold with you on where I work (hint) Merrimack Valley

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