Why is everyone so disagreeable and stupid

Well, after a few non funny and poingnant blog entries its time for me to let loose.

The other night I was working patrol and I had to deal with a drunk lady who was pissing off everybody that lived near her. Her upstairs neighbor and her live in boyfriend. She was just under the arrestable plateau. Yes she was a pain in the ass but no she wasn’t technically arrestable. We kicked her out of the house and sent her to her sisters place for the night and told her to come back when she sobered up. Well you guessed it before I could get back to the Dunkin Donuts to get my coffee she had returned. Her boyfriend having had to deal with her sorry ass for so long, let her into the apartment and promptly left to avoid issues. When we got back to the house she saw us and went inside, when I knocked on the door she refused to open the door. I radioed for a backup car and the Lieutennant showed up. She finally opened the door for him and was courteous as pie UNTIL she realized in her drunkenness that I was the cop who shooed her away the first time.

She decided at that point to tell me that I was unprofessional (I think that was the slurred word she used) and that she wanted my badge number. I told her and even held out my badge for her to see it.

My lieutennant interjected, with a straight face at this point telling her that if he were her. He would call my supervisor on me. (The Lieutennant who observed the incident and her drunken attitude towards me being my supervisor. Was a funny little inside joke) She thought that was a good Idea but she was also going to alert the mayor as well.

But she couldn’t remember my badge number so she began tearing up the room looking for a pen. I extended my pen for her and after telling me what I could do with my pen and advising me she would not use my pen then snatched my pen and began looking for paper, again she could find none, tearing up the room looking for a pad of paper, I slowly began ripping a sheet of paper off of my police notebook for her only to do the same dance with her as with the pen. Finally she had pen and paper but in all the excitement forgot my badge number. So I took the pen and paper and wrote my own badge number for her.

I’m sure she awoke the next morning wondering what those numbers meant, I havent been called up to I/A for my “unprofessional behavior” yet so thats a good thing.


4 thoughts on “Why is everyone so disagreeable and stupid

  1. You’ve got the makings for a good sitcom here, E, with all your funny stories!! LOL! I hope you find the humor in them at the time they’re occurring so it helps your shift pass quickly!

  2. Goddess-
    I was going to write down either 1234567890
    But the lieutenant was on scene so I figgured I’d play nice

    It would be a funny sitcom but no one would really believe the minutia around here. I think we even scared away the show COPS (they did one memorable episode here and packed up tents, left town never to be seen again)

    Normal drunks are fun to play with for awhile. It passes the time for cops. We love em in small doses

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