We had a fun night this past weekend, but the highlight was the gu who got pulled over, ran from the cops (leaving his drinking buddy in the passengers seat) Neither nitwit being from the immediate area (so we knew he would turn up sometime before the shift ended) but we didn’t expect to find (after we asked his “buddy” what the drivers name was) he gave us the drivers name. While I was inventorying the contents of the car before the towtruck took it away I came across a folder with the guys name on it, (it was from a law office) as I perused through the contents I realized that it was this guys entire criminal history, all neatly printed out for me, including his most recent mugshot, so all of us that were not there to see him take off, had a picture to go on while looking for him.

I was the Paddywagon Officer this night, and after about 20 minutes of searching, they came up with the nitwit, hiding in a garbage heap. He never got to see me while they were loading him into the back of the wagon so the whole way to the station he is taunting me, oinking at me, telling me how it took all of us pussies to bring him down. Advising me on just how he is going to kick my ass and make my kids orphans etc…

I stayed quiet throuought the transport and when I opened the doors to let him out he took a look at me

and from that point on it was Sir, this and Sir that and apologies to all of us because he was drunk and stupid. I really do hate it when they have big cojones right up until you take the cuffs off and ask em if they want to act on all the threats they made on their way into the booking room.


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