DISCLAIMER: I heard this story second hand at work, it occured on my day off, but I heard it from a reliable source but I am assured that it is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the ….

One of the guys I work with made a drug arrest the other night in conjunction with a state police unit.
They observed a drug dealer do a hand to hand (thats when a dealer conducts a quick money for drugs transaction) They swooped in and the dealer took off like a shot, the guy I work with tackled him, pat frisked him (a quick but as thorough as reasonably possible check for drugs, weapons or evidence) He found some stuff in the guys pants pocket. When turned over for transport the wagon officer went topat frisk him again. the first cop assured the wagon cop that he had already been checked, however while he was saying this the wagon cop pulls out a LIVE turtle out of the liner of the guys jacket. It was learned later that another “customer” was short on cash so he left his pet turtle as collateral.
While writing the post it reminded me of my first real good animal complaint call.
I was working midnights and was dispatched to an area of my sector that borders a neighboring town for a report of a “Moose on the Loose” Mind you I am from Massachusetts, where the pilgrims landed and this area is well developed, there are no great open spaces around here and very few “Moose Calls” so I figgured it was a prank call or someone hallucinating. I head over to where I was dispatched and saw an old guy standing on his porch, I began to ask the silly question when he cut me off and said simplt “that way” and pointed up the road. I Look and can make out a shape in the distance, I call it in that there is indeed some animal in the area. (It was a quiet night so all units converged to see the cool looking moose, they all followed this thing in a mini parade around, I still haven’t gotten really close to the thing and I’m still thinking of Bullwinkle and “watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat” well we chased him into the neighboring town and I decide I’m gonna get a good look at this thing and possibly shoot a picture of it. I pull off the parade and take a side street, gas it and get to the cross street and wait……
I’m sitting there in my cruiser with my camera up to my eye when the Moose rounds the corner, now at a full gallop heading right at me. I dropped the camera when I saw the sheer size of this monster bearing down on me, I attempt to throw it into reverse but was too clumsy, so I just braced myself for the enevitable crash. All the while alternately praying and trying to figgure out how I’m gonna square this away with the Officials when they come to do the accident report. The crash never came, my eyes were closed at the time but I’m told that the damned thing hurtled the hood of my car in a single bound and just galloped away into the sunrise. I quickly called off the pursuit and advised that the subject had fled our jurisdiction.

6 thoughts on “DUDE, YOU MISSED A TURTLE!!!!

  1. That’s great! I have never had a moose call… but I did get an “out of control iguana” once. It broke out of its home and took up residence on the roof of an old lady’s car. Every time she tried to get close to the car, it would hiss at her and she would run inside. She was mostly just mad that she was missing her bridge game.

  2. hee hee Married to a MIG (men in green) for 8.5 years I can enjoy a good LE animal story. Way to go on the moose.

    A turtle????

  3. Goddess- they usually stay to themselves but they are HUGE

    Julie- I’ve always wanted an Iguana, I’ve had 2 snakes, dogs, cats, gunea pigs, ferrets,and fish, but I still never got an iguana. The Iguana hissing at the lady would have cracked me up

    DRC- I’m just glad it didn’t happen to me.

    Flat- Every time I think I’ve seen it all some new wrinkle creeps in and I get to go whoa… who’da thunk of that???

    brent- the last time I actually had my eyes open he was feet away and TOWERED OVER MY LIGHT BAR (I swear he was looking down at the bluelights) and yes we do have some great stories to tell. i keep saying my blog is the research for a book I will eventually write when I retire. I have had bad days on the job but I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.

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