I had a few calls with the fire department this past rotation. We work with them and the EMT’s all the time, but these two stories are kinda cool.

The first call was at an arson car fire, I got a call for a working car fire in my sector and responded to it with a fire company . When I got there I ran the plate and found that it was a stolen, meaning that after the fire was put out we all had to stand byy on scene to secure it for the arson investigator and give our interviews as well as help him out with the investigation.

Two of the guys on the fire crew were vaguely familiar faces. I knew em as firefighters but you know that feeling you get that you know someone from the past but cant place em?

While there we all got to joking and ragging on eachother (my particular favorite is to point out how the fire guys come into your home, soak it and cause water damage, break all the persons windows and stuff and still everyone loves em and cooks em homecooked meals and stuff, whereas we cops keep people safe and no one digs us)

Eventually we got to relationship ragging (bitching about our significant or ex others) when one of em says I can’t bitch about my ex wife cause Enforcer grew up with her. I instantly recognized him when he said that, I had been at his wedding over 10 years ago and had gone to high school with his ex wife. He is actually a real cool kid and I totally didn’t recognize him until then.

We did the reconnection thing and got on with the joking and storytelling.

I had said how I had been an EMT in another city and that’s when the other firefighter instantly recognized me, we worked at the same small private ambulance company at the same time (we never worked as an ambulance crew together) But we knew all the same people and we also did the reconnect thing.

File Under : SMALL WORLD

I also did another call with the fire guys, it was an older lady who had locked herself out of her house, she had went out her back door to feed the stray cats and a gust of wind had closed the door and it locked behind her. We got there and realized that it was a real old house and we were not going to be able to pop the door or window, we would have to smas a window. Just as they broke out the hallanan tool (a cross between an axe and a crowbar) I observed that she was holding a set of keys, I asked her if anyone else had a key to her front or back door. At that point she looked very sheepish and told us that she totally forgot that she had a key to the front door on her keyring.



  1. I’m glad your reconnection with old friends was a good one. Sometimes that can be quite the opposite and you wish you’d never seen their faces again!

    Poor old lady!! I don’t ever want to get like that, but I’m afraid somedays I already am!! lol

    Good posts

  2. I thought for sure you were going to say she didn’t realize she had been holding the keys in her hand, which is as sad as the “glasses on top of your head” routine;)

  3. Goddess, it wouldn’t have suprised me if she had said that. I swear the dumbing down of America is almost complete

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