I love the show My Name is Earle and I was sure that the premise of the show was true (Do good things and good things come back to you) I believed it until tonight.

You see I did my best Robin Hood impersonation, I came across a homeless kid (I had actually arrested him a few months back because he had a warrant) he was a decent kid both times I came across him, he did his time and just got out today, he had nowhere to go and was walking around town tonight in order to keep warm.

When I came across him, he was half froze but still in ok spirits, I checked if any of the shelters were open and not full, I was informed that they were all full.

So then I checked to see if he had any more warrants (he’d have to square them away but at least he’d be warm and tucked away for the night, Nope no warrants,

I even offered to let him punch me so we could take him in for that, but he didn’t want to do that either.

My seargent looked at me as if to say, well there’s really nothing we can do but let him know where the homeless people who don’t go to the shelter hang out. The only problem was that all he had was a spring jacket tshirt and jeans on.

Thats when I hit on an idea, I grinned, looked at the Seargent and radioed in for an R/A (ambulance) for an “evaluation” when I did this the kid said he didn’t really want to have to go in for a psych evaluation, they’d take one look at him, know he wasn’t crazy and turf him quickly, he’d only get to stay an hour or so and be right back where hi is.

I told him not to worry, when the ambulance arrived I commandeered all their blankets and a pillow (I have a good rapport with the ambulance crews and they were more than happy to oblige) I brought him to one of the unnoficial “shanty towns” and made sure the locals took care of him.

At this point I was feeling really good about myself, like I put a few chits in my good Karma column.

That was until I got my next call…..

Two 50ish year old neighbors having a Hatfield and McCoy’s type fued that has gone back to just after I got on the job.

Tonight’s battle royale was about trash. Tomorrow is trash day and one guy put his trash out before the other guy, then guy #2 placed his trash in guy #1’s trash container. Guy 1 goes out and takes guy #2’s trash out of his barrel and launches it into guy #2′ back yard.

All actions, as childish as they are cannot be catoragized as illegal. I had to listen to these two nitwits bicker back and forth (one of them actually was going to say “but officer I……) I gave him the look that conveyed that if he finished with “didn’t start it”I would be really upset, I think he got the message because he stopped talking mid sentence.

I took it as long as I could then I told them they were acting worse than my kids and that if they didn’t heed my warnings that i’d give them each a TIME OUT!!!!!

So I contend that I got gypped, I did good a thing and what did the cop get in return (the cop got hosed) I want my good Karma Damn it.



  1. yes, my friend – but think about the kindness that kid will show towards someone else because of the kindness you showed him? 😉

  2. Actually sweetie, you got a funny story about trash that cracked me up to post on your blog — all is right with my world 🙂

  3. Let me try that again, withOUT all the mistakes…

    Those arguments sound so damn petty, but they’re hilarious to watch. On Beach Patrol last night, two older girls picked on a younger girl, and the lifeguard dude was trying to mediate. The funniest part was after he chastized them for picking on a 14 year old–they were in their 20’s–and he said, “You should go over there and apologize.” They said, ‘Ok, but can she apologize to us?” LOL! The “haven’t you heard a word I’ve been saying?!” expression on the lifeguard’s face was priceless.

  4. Phain,
    I would love to believe that, but I’m ever the pessimist, I’m thinking more along the lines of that he’ll end up in a bell tower somewhere someday with a high powered sniper rifle.

    Sue, I missed you, thanks for posting, yes when people are feudin about garbage theres nowhere to go but up.

  5. Wow while I was posting my response y’all were here Flat and Goddess.

    Flat, maybe I’ll save up my good karma chits and cash em in on the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup (Yeah on that one I sooooo know it’s a pipe dream)

    Goddess- I actually saw that episode before and that was EXACTLY what this situation was like only with 50 year olds. I swear after talking to guy #1 I had all intentions of being sympathetic with guy #2…
    that is until I talked to HIM

  6. HeeHee…you remind me of that commercial with the dad and the kids that got cell phones for Christmas…”Dad got hosed!”

    Karma takes a while, hon, don’t sweat it.

  7. Enforcer you have lost yo damn mind. The Preds are gonna win & Bat is going to get his $800 (have you read his latest post?)


  8. Ohhhhh Flat that aint a bet I would touch, the Bruins have been breaking my heart for 20 plus years now. Yes I did read the post and that sounds like a sweet valentines day.Dinner and a Hockey game. Way Cool

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