We have a few rookies that have just passed their 1 year proby period. I had discussed them in an earlier blog entry (but for some reason my old posts never came over when I upgraded to new blogger)

I have kindasorta adopted one of them, He rode with me a few times when he was a fresh green flatpatch right out of the academy and at first I sure as hell didn’t know what to make of him. He was like a freaking Martian to me. The New Breed of Cop. I initially had my doubts that he’d fit in. I really liked him but I didn’t quite know if or when he’d get it. Well he did and he’s an awesome cop and someone I wouldn’t have a problem backing me up when the shit hits the fan.

The one thing with him is he is hiliariously gullable. and fun to rag on.

One time, just after he got familiar with cop life he was relagated to dispatch (he needed to learn it, and as painful as it was for the rest of us those first few rotations he dispatched) we all just had to suffer through it. He actually ain’t that bad now.

Well on that one time in question, he was told at rollcall that he was dispatching, he politely got up and headed up to the radio room, however after he got passed the rollcall room and out of earshot of the official and us he muttered under his breath that

“Putting me at dispatch is like benching an all star”

He didn’t see the detective that was standing there right next to him when he said it. He got ragged unmercifully for awhile. (I actually found a Christmas tree ornament that said all star across the front and hung it on the dispatch mike one night near Christmas when he was dispatching)

He has gotten real comfortable in the job and has done some great work lately.

He is a proud former Marine and decided to ink up and got a full tattoo sleeve of memorable Marine scenes as a present to himself for a year well done.

We are so gonna have fun with this…….

We have him believing that he will never be able to make detectives due to the fact that his tattoo is not discreet and he will be useless in undercover surveillance.
(He like I really wants to make detectives)

We also have him believing that one of our Captains hates tattoos on cops, thinks they are unprofessional and disgusting.
We are waiting for the spring time to see what he does when we have to swap over to our short sleeve uniforms. Stay Tuned….



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