My Whacked Out Wife and Her Family

A cute story from this past weekend that I almost forgot about. The Enforcer’s Sister in law who reminds me a lot of KarlaBabble and her husband (who is a cop in another Massachusetts city) just adopted a son.
Enforcerwife drags poor Enforcer halfway across the state on Enforcer’s sleepday (my first day off where I try to sleep in alittle bit) to see the new tiny tot. I’m game so I pour my sorry ass into the truck for the ride down.

We get there and hang out for a bit then Sis in Law & Bro in Law bring new tiny tot next door for a few minutes to show off to bro in laws parents, while Enforcerwife and I wait for pizza guy.

Well at some point the uncontrolable urge hit and Enforcer spread across the floor and found blissful REM type sleep. Enforcerwife and child decide seeing as Enforcer and Enforcer
Monsterinlaw don’t zactly see eye to eye that they will take this time to let Enforcer sleep and visit with monster in law.

But they decide it would be cute to leave a calling card. They taped a sign for bro and sis in law on the Enforcer’s back that read “hibernating, when I awake feed me and send me home”

What’s even worse is that sis and bro in law returned and went about their daily buisness with the Enforcer spread out on their living room floor snoring like a banshee and only told the Enforcer about the sign about an hour after he wore it on his back ignorant of its existence


10 thoughts on “My Whacked Out Wife and Her Family

  1. Now that’s something I would do — that is freakin hilarious….but then again, I have been the one passed out on the floor getting signs put on my backside (now, now, I was in COLLEGE in those days )

  2. Ahhhh yes, those crazy old college days. I once broke my ankle and walked all the way from Fenway to my girlfriends dorm at Emmanuel College without even knowing it. That was the last time I partied with the Demon that is a whole bottle of straight Gin

  3. That was my tequila night — no broken bones but just newly moved to the area and woke up in Worcester having NO clue who I was with or WHERE I was — they called me pisser in the clubs for a year šŸ˜¦ <-----don't ask LOL

  4. LOL Frankie, ain’t much too it — thought I could drink the whole bottle of tequila at a club I worked at, danced (I think) partied with a bunch of people I don’t know and kept partying until the “wee-wee” hours. As a matter of fact, the driver of the gold camaro was a “frankie” LOL — guess this little girl peed her pants — oh joy……………called a friend to come get me, but couldn’t even tell him WHERE I was — didn’t know what city and everyone else was passed out. Made it home somehow but…all these people I didn’t know kept calling me pisser at the club……….eek — thank the lord that was 21 years ago šŸ˜¦

  5. Count your blessings, Rumplestiltskin. At least you got to sleep instead of having to visit.

    I love the tag line under your blog title!

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