What a week!!!!!

Well I got over my fluish symptoms in time to start the week off right. We had a triple shooting (It actually happened on the midnight shift) But from what I hear it was a good one.

We had a stabbing on our shift (most likely gang related) where the 911 caller reported what had happened and then told us that the suspects had fled in one direction and the victims friends were loading him into a car. There was a conga line of cruisers following the suspects and another following the victim to the hospital.

I ended up being one of the first to the car we unloaded the unconsious victim and rushed him headlong into the Emergency Room where they could perform their magic and save this poor soul.

The doc’s went to work and found a small cut along the victims chin and an even smaller one on his chest, bot spots the bleeding was already stopping. No one could understand why this tough guy was unconsious. That is until they brought him around and then tried to take some blood for testing and he took one look at the blood being drawn from his arm and …..


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