Women can be so mean

Never and I repeat N-E-V-E-R trust a woman with a devious mind and a digital camera. While doing the tourist thing in NYC . We happened upon where they were displaying the Oscar awards prior to the show. (They transformed the Good Morning America set in Time Square into the display area)
Well the Enforcerwife says “I want a picture of you next to the big Oscar statue” I dutifully oblige the request only to find when previewing the photos that there were movie posters behind me in the picture. Yup you guessed it the bitch set me up! Brokeback Mountain Style….

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10 thoughts on “Women can be so mean

  1. D’oh!

    I can picture you wife now, high fiving all her friends yelling ‘OWNED!’

    I’ve always contended that chicks were just as mean as guys, they just get away with it because they’re so pretty.

  2. Ewink: Yup she did that I am sure. She keeps on hinting that if I dont do this or that (breakfast in bed, fluffy pillows etc…) she might just show my seargent the photo album

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