Back To Work

I went back to work last night…..
I was in a way looking forward to it. I kind of missed being in the middle of the action. I made two car stops right off roll call and fielded a handfull of calls in my sector. It wasn’t a balls to the walls night but on the same token it wasn’t a long boring night either. It was a perfect way to get back into the swing of things.

I also found out that theres a retirement party coming up for one of our detectives (he’s my friends uncle) and he made my entry into the department a whole lot easier. It is going to to be a bittersweet night. I am glad he made it to retirement happy, healthy and still a really good guy. I am going to miss his expertise, guidance and encouragement.

It is a weird feeling that I’ve been on so long now that most of the guys that trained me and taught me as a rookie are now retiring and moving on and there is more cops that are junior to me than are senior now. I guess its a brand new day huh?


3 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. i’ll never forget the day i truly realized that i was no longer among the “younger crowd” at work. we were complaining about the break room being dirty and i made some comment that “i wasn’t hazel” and they needed to clean up their own stuff. this one 20-something looked at me all doe-eyed *blink blink* “who’s hazel?”


  2. Phain- it is such a f’d up feeling being the wise old grizzled guy that I was terrafied of when I was a rookie.
    PS I cant access your blog anymore 😦

    Goddess- It’s $100 for stop violations

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