Back in the swing of things

Well tonight WAS my balls to the wall night, It was supposed to be my (inside) night where I’m chained to a desk and wishing I was out on the road. But due to another officer needing to be inside I got sprung. I worked sector 1 in the north section of town (high crime area)

It started out quiet enough but then I got a call for a break in progress. A guy covered in blood breaking into an apartment through a back window. We converge and find all the occupants of the residence outside awaiting us. The next door neighbor points to the alleyway and tells me that he went thataway and may still bein there hiding. Me and another officer start down 1 side of the alley and a Sgt. starts at the other end. Dispatch reports via radio that an eyewitness sees a guy covered in blood crouching by a snow bank about 100 yards away from us (not in the alley) me and the other officer near me go to where the eyewitness says the guy is and find a guy there bent over covered in blood, we draw down and order him to show hands, he falls forward and we see that he is stabbed in the back and not really coherant. As we call for an ambulance the Sgt. emerges from the alleyway with another guy covered in blood.

It seems as these two guys got into a fight and one guy stabbed the other guy and fled, got to the apartment and tried to break into the apartment to hide (thinking that there was nobody home) and was suprised to find people home.

We arrested the suspect and sent the other guy up to the hospital.

Come to find out the one guy was stabbed also had a skull fracture, he had to be airlifted to Boston for emergency surgery.

I guess things are back to normal around here.


10 thoughts on “Back in the swing of things

  1. Yikes, my hubby is going through to be the same thing – Ohh, I can’t wait to hear all the gorey details!

    Where do you work out of? What state/province, whatever.

  2. Nevermind…:-P

    Just saw Mass…

    I drove through there once to get to R.I, actually twice… once on the way, once on the way back.

  3. Thanks for stopping by
    this is some real heavy stuff you deal with
    how do you sleep at night
    My girlfiend, Lilywhite is a paramedic in Toronto
    she sees alot of things the average person would never know of
    your blog is good for venting these stories out. Good work!

  4. Ice,
    Your husband is embarking on an awesome career. He WILL deffinately have gory war stories soon. Good luck to him and keep me posted.

    Minx, this is the best therapy session in the world and its free LOL

  5. Flat, You’d have loved the xray, He was hit with the butt handle of one of those large curved chinese daggers and it penetrated through. left a crater bigtime

  6. Dude, be careful out there. We just had two officers shot, one’s still in the hospital. They were, more or less, ambushed when they entered a house (with the occupants permission.)

    You best be wearing your vest!

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