We watched a CMT comedy stage show the other night and the comedian was going on about Catholic guilt and did a very funny bit.

Well my 2 youngest are making First Communion and we were going over the ceremony with them. When we got to the place where the priest does the Holy water sprinkling they both jumped up and (In a deep low voice) began intoning “IT BURNS, IT BURNS………

I’m figguring the entire family will be excomunicated the day after their communion


7 thoughts on “MY KIDS ARE HEATHENS

  1. If only *I* could have laughed about my religion as much when I was about to make my First Communion. The nuns scared the hell out of me and I was too damn terrified to laugh. Now I find so much of it comical….

  2. heehee, I still recall my first communion cake, so make sure you buy a good one!
    Come on over to see where the Oakville cops hang out, you’ll understand this one!

  3. Rebecca- I got suspended from being an alter boy for taking a swig of the wine when I thought no one was looking (It was a dare I didn’t have a substance abuse problem at 10 years old) but I got a huge dose of the ole Catholic guilt heaped upon me.

    Minxy- I’m thinking sinful chocolate or devils food cake.

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