I have to go once a year to re-certify in CPR First Responder, Law, and New Cop tricks class. It’s a good time, we get to network, catch up with old academy friends from other departments and we do it in lieu of working our shift so it’s a nice break in the action.

And it’s really funny seeing a room full of cops in a school type atmosphere. We had to sit through CPR movies with really bad acting (the off color jokes were flying, especially during the heimlich manuever portion)

Just keep that visual in mind (a bunch of uniformed juvenile delinquents making off color jokes) the next time you call 911. It still amuses me that the public calls ME for help when they are in the shit……..


5 thoughts on “COP CLASS

  1. LOL I can only imagine the remarks!! Probably some of the same kind that are made in healthcare, tell me I’m wrong. hee hee

  2. I think I saw the same CPR movie a few months ago! It is damn funny. You know, in a life-or-death-emergency sort of way. 🙂

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