Last night after working a long boring and tedious night, I got home mentally and physically exhausted.I get home at 1:00 am and the house is nice and quiet and everybody is usually asleep.

I brought the dog in, fed the cats and then shed my monkey suit (uniform and gunbelt) showered off and then crawled my tired ass into bed. Ready for a refreshing slumber….

Or so I thought,

About the time I got into REM sleep and started having sweet dreams I am shaken awake by the Enforcerwife, “come out and look at this for me would ya hun?”

Groggy and grumpy I dutifully comply, I get out of bed, walk down the haqllway where I spot the Enforcerwife dabbing a paper towel over her eye.


She takes the paper towel down from her eye to expose a cut eyelid.

Geeze that looks like shit how’dya get that??? I mutter somewhat coherently in my state of exhaustion.

The “Enforcerwife exclaims that “the fuckin cats were chasing one another and one ran up on the bed, hurdled you and me and scooted off out the bedroom door, the other one hurdled you and landed right on my face and her claw got me, do I need stitches???”

OK after I finished laughing uncontrolably I looked at it and told her I was pretty sure it wouldn’t require immediate medical attention.

Do I need to even say that I didn’t get back to sleep anytime soon after that.


4 thoughts on “BEWARE OF ATTACK CATS

  1. LOL! Never a dull moment with cats.

    I woke up the other night and one of our cats was sound asleep on Mr. G’s chest….and he was snoring away, totally oblivious to it all.

  2. LOL I actually laughed out loud for several seconds while reading this. TOO GOOD!! I can just imagine it. Bad for the Enforcerwife though…hope her eye is ok.


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