Another great Week in Hell

Lets see where to begin.

First, I decided to splurge and bought a new shoulder microphone, keyholder, regular uniform belt (the one that goes under my duty belt) a new pair of handcuffs and a can of 10% spray.

Ive made due with the stuff that was issued to me for some time now and decided to splurge. I have actually had my belt since the academy 9+ years ago. Even with dilligent care it was just about to fall apart.

The shoulder microphone is something that I have actually gone through 3 of in the time I’ve been on the job. Working in public safety means they have to buy most of your equipment but that doesn’t mean it has to be quality stuff. I finally went top of the line and got one that is waterproof (which means it still transmits well in rainstorms) and has volume control and an emergency button on the mic (which is cool and means you dont have to keep fumbling with your radio on your belt when you go from outside to inside) and can reach the Ohhh Shit Button easy if you find yourself in an impromptu scrap (which happens from time to time)

The key holder was a point of purchase buy, just for shits and giggles.

The new handcuffs are way cool. When I got on the job there was just the old fashioned Adam-12 big heavy clangers. The ones I bought are half aluminum polymer half kevlar and they are lightweight and easy to carry. I like em alot.

And finally the spray….. OMG the spray, again when I got on we only had 5% stream pepper spray. My new one is 10% (which the instructor at con-ed class says isn’t stronger but the effects last longer) Some other guys on my department have the 10% already and I call bullshit on the instructor, yes it does last longer but the effects are much stronger. I know because I have been cross contaminated with both 5% and 10% more than once. And not for nothing any percentage pepper spray leaves a nasty red burning splotch on a bald head. (Don’t ask me why I just know!!!!)

The workweek was a blurr, no real great stories to tell but there were some shots fired calls, one bar brawl that was quelled really fast and your daily alarms, domestics and noise complaints.

We did have one missing person call, it was a 7 year old slightly mentally handicapped boy who wandered away from Karate class. His mom came in frantic, but due to the fact that he was walking around in a white dojo uniform with Chinese writing on the back he wasn’t hard to spot, Mom and Son were reunited and it was a really great feeling just getting to watch it. Sometimes the reward isn’t the paycheck.

It was a good week!!!!

And as a bonus the coffee was on time and great tasting each night. What more could I ask for, huh?????


7 thoughts on “Another great Week in Hell

  1. You’ll have to tell me how those cuffs work out for you… I’ve been thinking about trying them, but I’m skeptical.

  2. Julie, I’ll let you know how they work out for me, I almost broke em out the other night (O/T Midnights Shift)but at the last minute I saw that the guy had blood on his hand and arm so I went with the old pair (Its like new sneakers) you want to keep em nice until they get the first grass stain and then you wear em more.

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