I was off for 2 nights (actually returning last night) and returned last night to ATF and FEDS in town for the “mad bomber” from the last post and then heard about a buddy / coworker of mine who had to deal with THIS.

First (and I’m not a dog hater, I have a beautiful Siberian Husky who means the world to me) but what the hell are these nitwits doing with out of control pit bulls. I’m not against the breed, but if you cant control your dogs and they turn on you biting you severely then you really shouldn’t have them in the first place. Second, Why fight and argue in front of them, at some point they must have realized the dogs were working up into a frenzy, and finally, the male nitwit ran INTO the house where the kids were and barricaded himself in the bathroom and the woman stayed OUTSIDE after getting the dogs nutso and BOTH left the kids in the open to fend for themselves.

 I hate idiots.  Due to their ignorance and negligence on so many levels this officer had to do what was needed and risk his safety because of their stupidity.



10 thoughts on “IDIOT RANT

  1. Oh, Pollyanna… do you really think they’re ever going to think? 🙂

    I’ve almost had to shoot two pit bulls in the last six months. I have not, however, almost had to shoot two rat terriers. Thusly, I am one who does not follow the “don’t hate the breed, hate the deed” credo.

  2. Thanks Jules your a sweetie
    Julie-wouldnt it nice to do the whole Pollyanna thing agai, like before we became cops? walking down the street thinking everyone is doing good instead of thinking everyone is up to evil deeds until we can prove they aren’t. Awwwww what am I saying? Paranoia and scepticism are way underrated

  3. Goddess- Very true, I was going to add that in the post, but I figgured if “I” said it I may Jynx the guy

    Julie- Can’t argue with you on that

  4. I can’t imagine having a dog I felt necesasary to barricade myself from…especially if I had kids. I hate stupid people!

  5. Webmiz- Dealing with these numbnuts is a job hazzard when it gets overwelming I just imagine everyone of them in their underwear……..
    getting their asses kicked

    Rutroh, was that the outside voice again,

    (WOOOOOPS. if their are any officials reading I meant to say I take every complaint seriously and as if it were my very own) LOL

  6. What about people who keep crocodiles and pythons? I don’t feel sorry for them. Start handing out the Darwin Awards!

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