Sometimes karma can have one hell of a sense of humor. I say this because of a few things that have happened recently, and they are:

  • The Imus Situation (currently being resolved)
  • The Duke Lacrosse Situation (currently being resolved) and might I add here that Mike Nifong the prosecutor should be indicted,convicted and sent to prison, and not some country club prison and in some protective custody situation, but some skankhole prison in general population with all the men he has sent up the river before. I’m sure he’ll make friends fast.

But the biggest Karma situation happened locally, (a little back story) the city I work in has a depressed economy, and the common conception is that it is rife with drugs, guns, and in the words of Guns & Roses “welcome to the jungle, if you got the money honey, we got your disease” The city is set right in the middle of an upper middle class town (which I am told was the basis for the setting town Bedford Falls in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life) to the north and a Fru-Fru Yuppie Community  to the south.

Well I went into work last night and found out that in the 12 hours I have been off duty the city had condemned our worst most run down rooming house (I swear that I have arrested at least 1/3 of the residents personally  for various reasons and have pulled guns, knives, drugs etc… out of the place at some time or another)

All of the residents had rental agreements with the rooming house and needed to be housed while they find suitable placement for them, Our city’s one major hotel chain was destroyed in the floods last year so they couldn’t be housed in city. So the powers that be put them up in the fru-fru community’s state of the art new hotel. They lasted there for about 6 hours and their Police department called our police department pleading demanding that we take them back. It seems crime must have gone up 100% or so in their community in those 6 hours and was capped off with an “disturbance” at the hotel. In the end we had to get them and put them up at different rooming houses in town. But it was worth it just to know that the Yuppie Cops next door got a taste of what we deal with daily.

Sometimes life is good MAKE THAT GREAT!!!!


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