Spring Flowers

Last nights shift, the weather was miserable at times, most notably right after the detectives requested the stop of a vehicle that they observed making a drug transaction. I swear the minute I stepped out of my cruiser the sleet and hail began and at times during this loooooong m/v stop it sleeted, hailed and at one point curiously the rain came down and froze to my bald head on the spot. But we made the stop and did our job and got it done.

I was reassured later in the evening, You regular folks have groundhogs day, I as a city cop here have R——– Day. We have a family in town, the R——–‘s

The 2 oldest R——– brothers are seriously drunken brawlers (kinda like having 2 Otis the Drunk’s from the Andy Griffiths show) only our 2 Otisis’s are mean nasty and love to fight cops.

We know it’s Spring when we get our first call to seperate or kick out one of the R——– Brothers, it usually ends in one or both brothers (see once they have a common enemy US they put away their differences and join forces like the wonder twins)

Yup you guessed it last night was R——– Day.

Ohhhhh good now I can break out the grill and lawn furnature because Spring is Officially here



  1. That is sooo funny we have R…. Brothers here as well. Although they are not seasonal, but other then that sounds the same. Even the R part.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL! The R brothers are obviously more accurate than that damn Punxsy Phil because he said it would be an early spring. Judging by the whopper of a snow storm we’re set to get this weekend, I’d say Phil needs new bifocals.

  3. I used to grill all winter, but then I got a George Foreman Mega indoor griller and now theres no more frostbite while waiting for my grub. Yeah its the easy way out but I’m ok with that LOL

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