Ohhh where Ohhhh where has my little dog gone (Hint: she’s deffinately a cops dog)

As you might know from way long ago posts I have an escape artist and social butterfly for a pet. Her name is Xena and she is the cutest most mischevious Husky that you have ever seen. Her past escapes have led her to:

  1.  a mom n pop store where she sat in an aisle and chain licked tootsie pops until we went to get her
  2. a bar where she was served after hours by the owner and then returned to us
  3. The local food warehous where she begged for food

And this time around she did her daddy (the cop) proud. She turned up at the nearby Dunkin Donuts, now if I could only train her to order a large iced, extra light no sugar. That would be THE BEST………


4 thoughts on “Ohhh where Ohhhh where has my little dog gone (Hint: she’s deffinately a cops dog)

  1. Sooooo cute. We have 5 dogs. Hunting dogs. And they all are SOCIAL too. We have gone many times to pick up our naughty pets. We once had a turkey that ended up in our neighbors kitchen, I went to pick him up and by the frightened look on his face, I knew he was worried when he realized entered a hungry family’s kitchen and was that close to an oven.

  2. Goddess- Dunkin Donuts is better all day long!!!!!!

    TME- All I could vision while reading your comment was Elmer Fudd with one of those muskets pointed at a wascilly turkey. Dog people are awesome.

    Brent- If she can master the ordering the iced coffee, I’m gonna put her in for a lifesaving award

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