I spent the end of my Friday night shift standing on a fallen tree across the river looking to see if there was a person in the car that became a submarine. We have had our yearly flood and a call came in that there was a car floating down the river. Fortunately it had hooked itself on the fallen tree. The first officer on scene jumped  from solid ground to where the base of the tree was and just came up short. landing in the river. I got a bit wiser and grabbed a 2×4 and laid it across and walked the balance beam over (staying completely dry) All in all we found out that there was no one in the car but that the car was stolen and launched into the river in order to sink it and make it disapeer for awhile. It didn’t work, and seeing as the primary officer had to go home to dry off and get warm. I got porked with it, err I mean I got to stay and do the investigation and report.


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