We got a call for a bar fight last night, the call came in that there were many people fighting inside and outside of one of our many dive bars in town and there may be a gun and a knife involved. Well to our suprise when we got there (just moments later) that there were only 3 people standing outside the bar, one holding a pool cue. It appears that they must have scared the guy with the gun and the knife along with all the others with the pool cue from hell because they told us that everyone had run off before we got there.

As we were leaving i noticed a cue ball lying in the street (obviously thrown during the little scuffle). I retrieved it, tossed it over to the guy with the cue stick and told him “I think you scratched on that shot huh?” We then left and went on to many many more calls. 



  1. Reminds of the Clint Eastwood movie “Pale Rider” after chasing away a whole bunch of thugs and said “nothing beats a good piece of hickory!”

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