Yeah, I know you live next door to Elizabeth Taylor but why are you wearing eyeliner?

We got a call last nite to respond to the Chimi Truck (snack truck) parked near McDoalds for the drunk and disorderly guy. Upon arrival we saw a guy (using the term loosely) walking around with his pants down by his ankles, sweating profusely (it was damned cold for the season last night) and totally out of it, talking about how he just flew here from Hollywood where he lives next door to Elizabeth Taylor and wondering why we are bothering him. Why are WE bothering YOU? your standing on my street corner with your pants around your ankles in an obvious drug stupor and I’M BOTHERING YOU??????????

Ohh did I mention he had eyeliner and lipstick on at the time of the incident? (and just as an aside note) his makeup was done really well, I may ask him to give Enforcerwife some tips on makeup when he gets out of the hospital or jail or whatever they do with him cause he had the sculpted multicolored lipstick and the doe eyed look (but that may have been the crystal meth, I dunno LOL

Other than that the night was pretty boring…..


11 thoughts on “Yeah, I know you live next door to Elizabeth Taylor but why are you wearing eyeliner?

  1. I would love to follow you around for a night!!
    I went on a police ride along once with my husband’s friend. The funniest thing we did was shoo a mama duck and her ducklings of the expressway.
    Be safe out there Enforcer.

  2. People never cease to amaze me. I’m sure if the conversation had continued he might have even been an ex of Liz’s!!

  3. Oh the joys of work. I am empressed that his makeup looked so good, maybay Elizabeth Taylor shares her makeup artist with him.

    whoo hoo this is my last night!!

  4. Goddess- what undies? he was commando lol

    TME- Gawd hun I would love just ONE night where the calls were like that. Thanks for the safe wishes they are always appreciated

    Flat- These people are my job security, with them around they’ll always be a need for cops

    Leigh- I swear he deffinately took time to get it on right. and thanks for rubbing it in, I got 3 more nights to go, not counting tonight πŸ™‚

  5. Damn, I just may have to become a cop so I can see the fun stuff πŸ™‚ — I miss all this good clean fun LOL

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