I recieved a posting on an earlier blog entry. I usually don’t spotlight any one individual comment over the others. But in this instance I felt compelled to shine a light on a view that is in stark contrast to my own. I thank MNunez for his/her point of view and that he/she took the time to share. So without further ado. Here it is.


mnuez said…

I’m sorry to hear that you’re being dicked around but you should realize that you police officers are tools of same powerful folk that are screwing you over. And they’re using you to screw over other working class people.
It surprises me to find myself sounding like a 19th century communist but that’s no excuse for my not saying the truth as I see it. What I see is a police and justice system that is biased against the poor and that essentially exists to keep the status quo with the rich being privileged at the expense of the poor. You are indeed a tool of oppression.
I say this as a good, law abiding individual who for the last few months has been driving a really shitty car (owing to a rear-ending by an illegal) and has thus found himself CONSTANTLY trailed by cops. Cops follow me in the hope that I’ll roll through a stop sign, not properly signal or whatnot and thus have the opportunity to search me and my car for drugs, contraband, driving without insurance, having a warrant out against me or whatever.
Of course no such things apply but I still get followed and stopped quite regularly because I look like I belong to a socio-economic group that’s more liable to commit crimes.
And why do these people in fact commit more blue-collar crimes than lawyers and doctors? Because they’re fuckin poor! And they get taken advantage of on a regular basis. And so they’re more inclined to try and steal a few dollars to ameliorate their shitty situations.
And you my friend are an enforcer of that system. You protect the rich and follow and harass the poor. You’re only a working-class shlub yourself but you work to aid your oppressors by oppressing folk just like yourself (or worse off than yourself).
The good that you do is praiseworthy but the majority of what the police system and justice system does is to press a thumb down on the side of the scale where the well-to-do live – at the expense of the already-suffering.
And no matter the encouragement and pats on the back that your readers grant you, the facts are that you’re engaged in a dirty and immoral line of work.
Or so it seems to me.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 5:03:00 AM


The Enforcer said…

Thank you everyone for your comments.
MNunez- Thank you for your insight, I do not fully agree with most of your contentions and the communist rhetoric is diametrically opposed to my way of thinking.
I have no reason to think you are not a decent law abiding citizen. However I do not believe that any one socio economic group commits more crimes than any other, different ones, More or less violent crimes or crimes that lower quality of life issues for everybody, maybe.
That being said, you apparently havent seen a recent photo of the enforcer. My look is somewhat of a biker/inner city kid all grown up now. I too am a decent law abiding citizen, I like the look that I have cultivated for myself and if that means that someone who is entrusted to keep peace and order gives me a toss because of my looks from time to time then so be it.
A guy in a BMW who gives me an attitude is far more likely to get a money citation from me than a working class stiff who is polite and straight foreward to me during a car stop.
I take offense that you say that my lot in life is to protect the interests of the rich, I PROTECT ALL. There is far more working class and poor in the city I patrol and I give them everything I have when I put on my uniform.
I am middle class, I am proud of that and if I have biases then the two that I am keenly aware of are:
1) Rich people who think they are above the law or who look at me like I am their “personal” servant. I am a PUBLIC SERVANT which means I serve no individual, I serve the public good.
2) Working class or poor who are content to blame society for their problems, those who think they are owed something just for having been created, no my friend this is America and we work and strive to be better than we were yesterday, we never take a break and we continually improve. We dont sit back, give up and expect things to be handed to us.
Damned straight the good I do is praiseworthy, the good I do keeps you and yours safe. Nothing more nothing less.
In my opinion there is nothing dirty or immoral about it.
I am glad we live in America where you are allowed your opinion and I am allowed mine and we can conversate and have dialogue about our differences.

Sunday, July 08, 2007 2:41:00 PM




  1. I saw a guy on SPEEDERS this week who was stopped for speeding and began spouting statements much like the poster. Then he concluded by saying he hated the cops. I love how people refuse to take responsibility for their actions and blame the cop. Guess it’s just easier.

  2. Goddess I saw the same episode (I love that show, the cop who hates writing tickets is sooooo like me)
    The guy in that episode was such a tool….
    And I truly wondered if it may have been the same guy paying me a visit. It was virtually the same babble from both.

  3. LOL! The minute I read it, I was wondering if it was the same guy, too!
    I like Officer Olson, but my favorite is Officer Derek Barr, the tough red headed cop. The one that does the finger motioning to the side. I love that.

  4. Oh, hell, what am I thinking? Officer Barr was the one that stopped that dude who hated cops on Speeders. Sorry. I was having a Clairol light ash blond moment.

  5. Very well said. People like this guy really get me worked up. Let’s see…poor people commit more crime therefore poor people are locked up more. It’s not our fault that poor choices lead to poverty in life.

    Idiots. I guess we should just give everyone a pass.

  6. Not much new in the comments. Pretty much EXACTLY what I expected they would be (and therefore pre-empted in the final two sentences of my comment) but I do appreciate the fact that you wrote back and I certainly love the fact (thanks more to the basic fact of the internet than anything else) that we can engage in this sort of honest and open conversation. I respect you for responding – despite the fact that I still quite vociferously disagree with you and hold to me earlier expressed opinion.

    As for the tough guys and gals who saw me on Speeders… I’ve never seen nor heard-of Speeders and I have not recently been pulled over for speeding. And when I AM pulled over I know how to properly act in the presence of the police officers – no free speech, no open and honest discussion “where you are allowed your opinion and I am allowed mine and we can conversate and have dialogue about our differences” – you beg. You act as contrite as possible, you demean yourself through submission, you treat the police officer like your superior and you hope that some noblesse oblige will rush over him in being merciful with you, his little peon.

    So far as the Communist or “psycho anti-government” stuff goes: That’s the way of the lazy mind; the ‘already decided’ mind – pigeonhole the “type” of person that your interlocutor is (as a Communist, “psycho, “liberal” or whatever) and then you’ve relieved your conscience from having to honestly consider what that person said and whether they may actually be correct and you should perhaps change your pre-existing view! Cause changing your mind is a pain in the ass… better just decide that the person you’re disagreeing with belongs to some category that you consider to be already debunked and then you can just have fun calling him names rather than reconsidering any of your prior positions. Whew!

    In any event, I do indeed appreciate the good that you do, but, again, I think that for more than 50% of the population you are more likely (over the course of their life) to cause them more harm than good. And that’s why I stand where I stand regarding the policing and justice system in the good ole US of A.

    (Oh, and before some super brainy commentor builds a strawman out of this last sentence – no, I do not think that the policing and justice systems are superior in North Korea, China or Cuba. – But wouldn’t that be a great way to ignore me and any points I might make? By assuming that I hold some super nutty views when I never said anything of those sorts? – Hey, I’m that naked wino in Cops, you know me!)

  7. MNuez-
    Again some points to consider, thank you for challenging me. I do love to debate and speak on issues with people who do not share my point of view.

    Just a clarification though, There was a guy on the show “speeders” who had been ticketed 25 or so times (in his assessment)and voiced a similar view (eerily similar, some of the same phraseology and wording that you used in the original post you sent. So no one is pigeon holing you as some crazy naked wino.
    I pride myself on not having a lazy mind and I have come to common ground with people I have strong disagreements with.

    As for Motor vehicle stops, they are the MOST dangerous aspect of my job, I DO HAVE TO BE IN CONTROL when a stop is initiated, or there is a chance I dont get to go home and hug my kids and kiss my wife. And I plan on doing just that until the day I retire.

    You did sieze on one or two of my points however you did appear to ignore several other points that I made.Which I view as confirmation that those points made were on target and correct. Please let me know if I am wrong.
    My last point or question here is:
    Do you honestly believe that the United States would be a better country without any form of law enforcement in place?

  8. I doubt anybody seriously considers the US would be better without any law enforcement. I know of no one who thinks that. They will say that cops need to be open, have open dialog with the public and have oversight! Otherwise a disenfranchised population will just see cops as pigs!

  9. The total sum of what has happened to mnuez is that since driving a more run down car, he has been watched more closely by police officers. Although this is unfortunate for mnuez, it certainly doesn’t show that police forces serve the interests of the rich and powerful. What it does show is that police officers pay more attention to vehicles and persons which appear more likely to be involved in criminality, but this seems to be a) quite a differnet thing to being a servant to the rich and b) quite reasonable.

    Most of what mnuez says appears to me just to be rhetoric, and I have to say, without trying to be demeaning, that members of the public often get a distorted view of what policing amounts to when their only contact with the police is being stopped whilst driving and then allowed to go on their way. They don’t see all of the other stuff police officers (like myself) deal with. Were mneuz to do so then I hope he would be less likely to have come to the view he has. Putting yourself in harm’s way by rushing to the scene of a violent domestic in a working class area doesn’t seem to be a matter of merely serving the interests of the rich and powerful.

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