I was helping Enforcerwife with the laundry the other night and my middle child (Enforcerboy) did something while we were down in the cellar, I let out a laugh and a  “you little bastard” under my breath. However it was just loud enough for Enforcerboy to hear.

He asked “what’s a bastard?, mom (Enforcer-ex) told me it was a boy without a daddy”

Being trapped by my own mis step but always willing to turn it into a learning experience, I corrected him, letting him know tha it is actually a child born to a woman who was not married when she concieved.

Without missing a beat, Enforcerbaby (my youngest, whom I adopted when she was an infant at the time I married Enforcerwife) pipes up joyfully with “hey that means I’m a bastard!!!!!, because you and mommy weren’t married when I was born”

She was so proud of her new title.

I looked at  Enforcerwife who was already trying to stiffle hysterical laughter. And as I started laughing, I realized that Enforcer needs to curb his potty mouth.


6 thoughts on “THE BASTARD STORY

  1. You just KNOW that word is going to be repeated in school…and on the playground…and to alllll your friends and neighbors. LOL!


    And THAT is why I am not having kids. So that I can curse all I want and never worry about who hears. Except maybe my dog.

  3. Goddess-Thats what Im afraid of lol

    Julie- Previews of whats to come lol

    La Reina- Good plan, but kids are kinda cool. Hell their really awesome (and there I go with the potty mouth again)

    Eve- Yes, and I wonder if I ever gave my parents the same “joy”

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