I worked dispatch on my last night this past rotation. I hate dispatching, I write much better than I speak. But thats another post for another time.

The calls were steady, not too bad a night, but at the end we got a few calls in rapid  succession. Two of em were loud noise/loud party calls right at the same time.

I was updated by each on scene officer when they arrived. One was a group of people at a “mercy meal” get together after a wake of a friend. The other was a drunk guy being a nitwit in his back yard blaring music and yelling at neighbors.

I was recieving the update on the mercy meal people when my calltaker was on the phone with some lady. He asked me if that was car 0011 calling in (he got the car number wrong) car 0011 was dealing with the drunk nitwit and car 0001 was advising the mercy meal people that they needed to be quieter or take the gathering inside.

I thought he was asking about 0001’s status and told him that it was grieving family members and that it was being taken care of.

The lady he was talking to was inquiring and complaining about the drunk nitwit, but the lines of communication between me and the calltaker had gotten crossed and he told her what I had told him.

She very politely told him she didnt think it was grieving family members because it was only one very drunk guy who had just called her sister in law a nosy fuckin douchebag.

We figgured out where the communication broke down and sent more cars to assist with drunk nitwit guy. And we got a pretty good chuckle out of it.


Drunk guy was arrested and Grieving family members quieted and presented no more problems.


3 thoughts on “CROSSED LINES

  1. Snow- I suck at numbers and math, I only took the job cause they told me there’d be no math involved LOL

    Yes Sally- Most people aren’t that polite

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