After the turbulence of the mid-week shootings and all the bullshit at work I really was hating the world (when I was awake that is) So it was really nice when the Captain pulled me aside after roll call and asked me if I wanted tickets to the local short track race this weekend for me and my family.

My kids were supposed to be with the Enforcer-ex this weekend but suprisingly she let us have them for the race (it may have been because neither she or her husband wanted to take them to see the Simpsons movie as they had promised them) We got to see some awesome local racers put on an awesome show. There were modifieds, supermodifieds, and late model races.

One of the racers was a 17 year old female who ended up finishing in fourth place, but ran in second for most of the race (and if she was more confident in her crossover move) I think she would have either won or at least finished in 2nd or 3rd. She never came off the apron of the track and needs to use more of the racetrack, but she’s got game bigtime And my oldest daughter was quite impressed, I think she wants to be a race car driver now.

The kids went to Enforcer-es’s early Saturday morning and were back on Sunday night where we rounded out the weekend by going to see the Simpsons movie, it was a great flick and Im glad we got to take them. I think Enforcer Boy wants to be a Simpson now D’ Oh


4 thoughts on “RACING INTO THE WEEKEND ( part three )

  1. When our boys were younger we used to go to the race track with them a couple of times each summer. It was always fun. My husband and I never got to the race track this summer, Darn.
    Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

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