We got a call for a domestic in an apartment building (called in by a neighbor) the other night. The neighbor heard lots of arguing, things being broken, a scuffle, and a woman screaming and crying.

When we got to the apartment, (being experienced cops) me and the seargent eavesdropped at the door. We heard a male and female arguing inside. When we knocked the female told us to “hold on, I’ll be right there”. When she answered the door, her mascara was running down her cheeks but she seemed much more composed.

We asked if everything was alright and if there was anyone else in the apartmnt wih her. She said everything was fine and she was alone (red flags, bells and whistles going off in my head) we tell her we need to look around and make sure. She says ok, check whatever you want, as we get closer to the bedroom she hits us with the “this is my place and you dont have a warrant” (Bingo, were close) The chick is now almost to the point of belligerant, saying we don’t have the right to invade her privacy, we are just thugs with badges etc…

As we get in the room it looks like a tornado had hit, piles of clothes strewn about in 3 foot high mounds on the floor and on the bed, stuff all torn up, the closet open.

The first two places people usually hide is in the closet or under the bed.

The seargent hits the closet and I make my way around cause I’m sure I’ll find the guy either under the bed or under one of the piles on the floor on the side of the bed. I monster step through the pile (if I stomp him while he’s hiding and I cant see him it aint brutality, right?. And I love hearing that telltale “Ouch, OK OK I give up” but I didn’t hear that this time so I try moving the bed so I can see under it. As I move the bed I think to myself “wow, this bed shouldn’t be that heavy” It hits me just as the seargent whips the pile away from on top of the bed. The guys all balled up in the fetal position under the covers and piles of clothing (in full clothing) pretending to be asleep. We got him. Game over!!!

It is a funny story, but it does underscore the dangers of the job, if he had a gun he had all the time to draw a beed and get a good shot off, if he had a knife, we were well within the 35 foot kill zone and in close quarters (so it would have been one hell of a scrap) and by the demeanor of the female it would have most likely been a 2 on 2 fight.

When it was all sorted out, she was the agressor, but both had mixed it up so they were both charged. We were called every name in the book by the female. The male stayed well in control throuought the incident. (I think he was more looking forward to being locked up then the prospect of having to deal with the female for the rest of the night) but thats just my take on it.


7 thoughts on “HIDE AND SEEK

  1. Hmmm… for a minute there I thought you were going to describe a case of domestic discipline! Glad you got it handled without incident! xox

  2. I am so glad you see the humor in some of this. You have a very dangerous job and I think it would be very easy to become very jaded against society.
    I love that you can still laugh at it.
    Be safe.

  3. Goddess- the old adage the enemy of my enemy is my friend comes to mind

    Snow said domestic discipline 🙂 sounds kinky LOL

    Snap- One of the Boston Bruins/ Montreal Canadiens old head coaches was a police officer before he became a hockey coach and he loved to tell the story of how he responded to a domestic one time and when he was trying to handcuff the husband the “victim” wife blindsided him with a frozen leg of lamb upside the head. Domestics suck….

    Mo- I try to see the humor in all things, but doing this job you kinda need humor in order to stay sane. Also with this job, there are just so many funny/ weird/ off the wall things that happen almost daily that its hard not to laugh…

  4. A tornado hit the bedroom, you say? Nah, they were just redecorating the room, lol. Domestics- one of the most dangerous call you can get, and can be one of the most annoying if the parties are frequent callers.

    Stay safe, Frankie.

    PS. Heard from T.G.? Haven’t seen her on PH in months.

  5. Rain- Stay safe too kiddo, I havent heard from TG in forever either. I miss the old crew (You, TG, Skeet, and Pam) If you get a chance send me an email soon…

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