The Enforcerwife made one of my favorite dishes for dinner last night. It is lobster pasta loaded with garlic, seasoning, boiled summer squash and zuchini. My shift ends at 1am (I’m used to having my dinner at that time, sitting up, unwinding and then going to bed in the very early hours of the morning) My mouth was watering for my feast all shift.

We broke roll call to one of our detectives following a stolen car, once we were all in place the detective attempted to pull the car over. The chase was on. The suspects took off, ditched the car on a dead end road and continued to flee on foot through a park, down a hill and into the hospital complex. They split up as soon as they got into the complex. One went inside the hospital and 2 went into the parking area. The 2 nitwits that got into the parking complex quickly treed themselves for us. Jumping a locked fence into a trash area with no escape route. The 3rd was caught inside the cafateria after a brief struggle. During the struggle one cop got banged up when the suspect charged at him in an all out tasmanian devil  attack. That officer ended up somehow breaking the other officers thumb in the ensuing takedown.

I tell you that tidbit because it sets the stage, right off the bat we are two officers down ILD (injured line of duty status) which left the rest of us to field all the Friday night calls. This Friday night the calls included fights, loud music, nightclubs letting out, shots fired, and a plethora of motor vehicle accidents.

I had the pleasure of fielding 2 hit and run calls, typically hit and run calls are easy one liners because not many people think to get the license plate when they are hit. There is very little to do along the lines of investigation unless someone comes forward or the suspect vehicle leaves a trail of fluid for me to follow (which ironically has happened more than once)

On my first hit and run, the operator struck a fence, knocking it completely over but in the rubble of the fence I came across the front bumper with the license plate still attached. SCORE!!!

(due to the fact that the suspect had fled the scene and the suspect vehicle was not parked anywhere around when I went by the residence of the suspect on the license I have to summons her into court) but hopefully justice will be done. And I’ll get overtime for going to court to testify.

The second one came at 12:45 am (reminder I have scrumptious lobster pasta waiting for me when I get home) It came in as a regular MVA, so Im thinking swap info, a little accident report and I’m outta there. Not to be.

I roll up on scene observe the carnage of cars and the victim tells me that the other driver got out, “looked very drunk” begged him to “make a deal with him and he’d get the victims car fixed” but “please just dont call the cops”  The victim told him NFW and that he was calling for a cop. The suspect decided I suppose that he didnt want to be there when I arrived and took off running down an alleyway. As I’m putting (thinking of NOT getting my feast that I had been dreaming of all night, I found myself actually growling) out the description out of the guy I’m looking for over the radio a call comes in for a man down in the same general vicinity that the suspect fled. The cop that got that call took one look at the guy and it was the description I had given out to a T. The guy had run until his little legs just gave out and pretty much just decided to stumble the rest of the way and eventually just ran out of gas and fell down. 

I brought the victim to where the suspect was and obtained a positive ID. the suspect was charged with:

  1. leaving the scene
  2. unregistered vehicle
  3. uninsured vehicle
  4. attaching plates
  5. failure to yield when making a left hand turn
  6. OUI

While writing my reports anothe shots fired call comes in right around the corner from the police station, then the first officer on scene went out and got into a foot chase with the shooter down several alleyways, so much for my report, I bailed outta the station, grabbed an unused patrol car and headed over to the scene. When we got the guy, the on duty leutennant detailed me to go back and get the witness for an ID of the suspect. I got him, he made a verbal ID on scene and then I had to bring him to the station to make a written statement. Then back to my report. I finally finished my report, got my gear and headed home, hours later than I wanted to…..

So thats how I came to be eating cold lobster pasta at 5:30 am. It’s soooo not a glamorous job I have. 



  1. Gawd how can you eat a big meal like that right before bedtime? I’d never sleep.

    BTW, lobster pasta…is that one thing or two? I’ve never heard of it.

  2. Goddess- I have worked some semblance of either midnights or early nights my entire grownup life, I can drink a large black espresso right before bed and sleep like a baby. LobsterPasta is chunks of lobster and cut zuchini and summer squash mixed in a bowl of angelhair pasta, seasoned,and covered with a butter sauce. MMMMM Delicioso

    Snapshot- Yeah aint it a bitch bro

  3. It’s 5 minutes before the night guys are supposed to go home and I get a dead body call. It’ll be a good 10 minutes before any of the day guys are ready to go. Not telling the area officer why, I ask him to call dispatch. The call went like this:

    Me: Communications
    Him: So where’s the dead body?! hahaha
    Me: *silent Ahh, 123 main st.
    Him: You’re not serious, are you?
    Me: Sorry…

    He was at least nice enough not to start swearing at me while I was still on the phone …and he training one of the new guys at the time, so they got stuck too. I really hate doing that to people.

  4. Amanda- Ive gotten THAT call before, (working early nights now, we have detectives at our disposal) but when I worked mids, we had to secure scene till some detective got up, showered, got their coffee and finally strolled in to assume the scene.Then we had to return and write up an initial report. I am glad that there are dispatchers like you that still feel bad when giving out the pork call.

    Swann- Thank you, it is much appreciated

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