Last night at work was somewhat uneventful, I got in, had time to check out my gear and vehicle and hit the streets. Somehow I managed to step into every drunken doodoo call that came down the pike.

  • The first call was at the local Emergency Room, the sector car covering that area was tied up at an accident scene. The way calls are given out is highest priority to the sector car and then any low priority calls can be held until the sector car clears. But if another high priority call comes in for that sector it is given to either the city roving car or the nearest sector car (depending on how many officers are on shift at any given day. I drew short straw. The ER call was for a drunk fighting with security guards. Most of the guards at the hospital are pretty level headed and know if they need the cops or not. This one guard calls whenever there is anyone that gives him any trouble. Well we all showed up lights sirens (code 3) to find him, another guard and the drunk standing outside. We go over and the guard fills us in that the drunk had come in for placement in a rehab, but the emergency room staff wasn’t working fast enough for him and he was just drunk enough to start shouting racial slurs at nurses, doc’s and other patients. They were trying to remove him from the waiting room but “he didn’t want to go”and started fighting (translation verbally arguing with them) so instead of making him go, they just called us to do their dirty work. Well, we spoke with him, I grabbed his name and date of birth and ran his information through NCIC and it came back that he had an outstanding warrant. I confirmed the warrant with dispatch and we proceeded to attempt to place him in handcuffs. He tensed up and took a combative pose while staring right at me. He however didn’t pay attention to the 2 cops on either side of him that swarmed him and had him cuffed and in the back of my cruiser before you could say Caldwells Vodka…..
  • The second call was a pregnant female who had come home to find her hisband shit stinkin drunk, she decides that while he is drunk that would be the best time to ride his ass about spending bill money on beer. I am by no means saying she was askin for it, but use some common sense, wait till he’s a quivvering hungover mess, when you have the upper hand. Drunk nitwit husband tells her to fuck off and punctuates the command by throwing a 16 inch circular room fan at her. Then when she decides it might be a good time to bail from the apartment he chases her down the hall, out the door, and to her car while whipping her with a set of keys on one of those neckhanger lanyards. She retreated to her cousins house and called 911. To me hitting a woman is very bad, but a pregnant female holds you a special place in hell. I wanted to get this guy bad. But he had fled. I got the guys license and car info and a picture of him from our booking computer the last time we arrested him (same charge but the wife dropped the charges when they got to court) and passed em out to the cars for them to stop and hold him for me. A good portion of the night passed, when the seargant came over the radio asking to go direct (car to car talk) with me. He said “we got him” the guy went by his apartment and was sitting outside in his car when the seargent spotted him, he took off before the seargent could make a U-turn but didn’t get far when the seargent caught up with him and pulled him over at a stoplight.
  • I finished up the night with some nice quiet selective enforcement. That is where I select a spot and sit waiting for specific traffic infractions. This night I selected stop sign violators. I wrote 4 citations in the span of a half hour and finished the night with a summons for unlicensed operation. I pulled the guy over and he handed me a Dominican Republic license. Ahhhhhh not what I was looking for buddy and for now the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts does not recognize other countries licenses if you have been in country for 10 months and just havent gotten around to getting a valid American license.

I had court this morning, the case was continued to another date and I finished the day by going down to the shooting range and getting some trigger time logged.  


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