The last 2 days Ive spent doing house repairs and such. With the hustle and bustle of work (for both Enforcerwife) as well as three kids who are very bad at doing chores, the yard had seen better days. I had to point and patch the house foundation, but we did have some fun pulling out some shrubs and trees with the 4 wheel drive truck (Yeee-Hawww) and as an added bonus I borrowed a power washer from my friend and went to town with it. One reccomendation though (don’t try to re-position the stream while you still have the power washer going) they call it a POWER washer for a reason. I nearly erased my fingerprint on my index finger with it and got myself a nasty cut for my troubles. It sucks trying to type this without my index finger too.

But all in all I had a blast working around the house. Tonight after I came in, Enforcermiddle child was watching the dog upstairs and yelled down to me that he thought the dog was trying to make “Pillow Puppies” it took me a second but I realized that he meant that the dog was humping one of the pillows. I ran upstairs, scolded the dog, had a mini- facts of life talk with the boy and quickly put the slutty pillow in question on Enforcerwife’s side of the bed. I’m dog tired now though so I’ll see Y’all in the funnies



  1. When my husband was in his teens they had a Pekingese that would hump anything that moved. When they’d get company, he’d wait for the adults to start jawing then casually toss a pillow onto the middle of the floor and the dog would go wild. LOL! He was such a brat:)

  2. Rain- Of course I would but payment must be recieved in chocolate chip cookies

    Goddess- Cool, I never thought about using it as party tricks

    Leigh- Thank you and hope your day is awesome too

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