Well, I started off my birthday by oversleeping and waking up late , I had to rush like hell to get to court on time. Usually we as cops have one or two cases at most per day. I ended up having 2 jury trials (where someone elects to be judged by a jury of his peers) and not just a judge (a bench trial) which is preferred by all cops because you dont have to wait through jury selection and charging of the jury which drags on for hours. I then found out when I got there that I had a dangerousness hearing (a court preceeding that is done when the prosecuters wish to hold someone in lockup until their trial) and to add insult to injury I also found out that I had a hearing (someone summonsed in to court to answer for minor charges) So I knew I was in for a long day followed by going home, getting my gear and heading straight to the shift.

I got to work and settled in ok, I am the sector 6 downtown car which is routinely used as a backup car for all other sectors. Well the sector 1 car was tied up on an arrest and they gave the next priority call in his sector to the rookie he advises dispatch over the radio that he’s gonna call them on the Nextel. (I know whats coming next…..) Dispatch calls me and dumps the call on me. Ok, sometimes you gotta bite the bullet, and if the rookie had a good reason when he called dispatch then the call is rightfully mine. I get on scene and find out its kinda a bad crash so I call for another car to block off traffic on the other side. Who shows up but the rookie. So I go over and tell him “ok now that your here, it’s your call” He looks at me shakes his head and says “no way man dispatch assigned it to you”. I later learned that the reason he couldnt field the call was because he was stuck behind cars in a drive through (but he wasn’t on dinner break)

I was steaming (and formulating a plan) I found out that dispatch hadn’t “assigned” the call yet, so I had them officially assign it to him (in the computer, so it will come back as his call) went about my business getting all the information and handling the call. When the call was over, I went back to the station and put all the info in a packet for the rookie and told dispatch to notify him later that he needed to return to do paperwork.

It worked like a charm, a few minutes after he returned my Nextel went off and he tried to bitch at me for fucking him over. I told him, he tried to fuck me over but I’ve been on way longer than him and know just a bit more than he does, and I threw in that I knew about the drive through as well. And told him that It isn’t in his best interest to try to fuck me over on my birthday.

What started out as a sucky birthday ended up being very satisfying. Am I getting a bit ornery in my old age????


5 thoughts on “ORNERY OLD MAN HERE

  1. Awwww Man, I missed your birthday.
    SHOOT!!! Noooo, no, I didn’t mean that literally Enforcer.

    Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Enforcer, Happy Birthday to yooooooooooou.

    Does my singing make up for missing the day?
    Maybe you can celebrate this weekend.
    I am afraid to ask but, you aren’t even 40 yet, are you Enforcer? I don’t think you can be a grumpy old man, if you haven’t hit old yet. I on the other hand……

    Happy Birthday Sweetie. Sorry, I am late.

  2. Mo- Your sweet singing is music to my ears. I am a year off of 40 now and not looking forward to the milestone. And you dear Mo ain’t old at all. Thank you very much for the Birthday wishes

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