I worked the booking room last night. Remind me to thank Officer JA for bringing in four prisoners just before shift change. I hate last minute calls because in the last half hour of work we mentally gear down in expectation of going home or to our road details etc… But getting the overtime pay next week will soften the blow.

He brought in 4 who were all either 17 or 18 years old and all from New Hampshire upper class communities. They were stopped in a seedy part of town for a traffic infraction and when their cover story to the cops on scene started unravelling their car was searched.

What was found during the search you ask?

Heroin, Syringes, a measuring scale, and plastic baggies.

Which means a charge of either conspiracy to violate drug laws or intent to distribute can be added. If they had of just found the drugs, yes they would be arrested but the punishment would have been significantly less. These kids were down here getting their supply cheaply in the big bad city which they would package on their way back to Hoity Toityville New Hampshire and sell to the upperclass junkies at an inflated price. Kinda like the old west supply routes, but with heroin. 

When you took a good look at them you could tell that they were dipping into their supply for personal useage.

One of the 18 year old girls looked like a tired 30 year old rode hard and put up wet. You could almost tell she had been “using” the longest. The other started crying and was upset when she found out that they would have to go to court later today “because her mom would be pissed at her for missing school”  The other girl kept it together until she made her phone call for bail money and found out that her grandmother wasn’t coming out in the middle of the night to fetch her ass from the slammer.And finally the guy who looked like a bad junkie version of Richie Rich was a walking needle tree, he had syringes jammed into every pocket in his jacket, so many that he forgot where they all were located or how many he had.

When I see these kids I feel a mixture of sadness and revulsion. Sadness because they have cheated themselves out of a childhood that they can never get back. Revulsion, because these rich bozo’s are feeding the criminal economy in my city in order to profit from the uppercrust junkies who look down their noses at a city like mine.



  1. When I read things like that, it makes me wonder just how long they’ve been doing the drugs and didn’t their parents see ANY of the warning signs?

    C’mon, they can’t be that blind – or maybe the parents just don’t care.

  2. Katey- Im just taking an educated guess, but I’m thinking they were on the dope no longer than a year (they were thin and haggard looking but still had their teeth (teeth are usually the 1st to go)

    Parents can be very selectively stupid and or blind. And sadly some just dont care.

  3. She’s arrested for possession of heroin, among other things, and she’s worried Mom will be mad she missed school?! What am I missing in that equation? Damn.

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