It appears as if the calls I am getting are following some sort of karmic theme pattern. And if so tonight was the transition night.

It started with another heroin overdose. If you remember I had to book Richie Rich and his Posse on heroin charges on my last night of rotation last week.

For those of you who have never seen one up close. A heroin overdose is technically pretty amazing.

When a person overdoses or gets a “hot shot” the heroin in their body basically makes their brain forget to keep breathing. By the time the victims friends realize, call, we drive to the scene and make contact with the victim they are usually about a shade lighter than the smurfs.

We have to “rescue breathe” for them, cpr without the compressions. (I carry what they call an ambu bag instead of one of the cheesy 1 way barriers that they issued us when we got on)

By the time the medics get to the scene the person is usually circling the drain. However when the get their shot of “vitamin N” (a narcotic called Narcan) they pop up like a jack in the box ready to roll.

However, the bad part for them is about 3 minutes later, when the narcan starts travelling through their system full bore they start projectile vommiting and are ready to go to the hospital with the nice EMT’s.

Every time I see this scenario, I silently remark to myself that it sucks that there is a magic pill (or shot) for nitwits bent on self destruction and nothing like that for cancer patients or similar afflictions.

This is where I contend that the transition began.

Our next call was a 911 call for a possible domestic. When we arrived we got the story. This married guy was banging some chick, she caught him in a lie so she went to his house and announced her presence and all the sordid details of her relationship with the guy to the guys wife and daughters. Thing was the husband and wife were separated but still residing together so the joke was on her. The wife called the guy and told him what the chick had done. So he went to their love shack to get his shit and end the “relationship” the chick was gonna have none of that noise so she started hitting him and pushing him back inside the door when he was trying to leave. He either (depends on who you believe) put his hands up to deflect her pushes and punches. Or pushed her back.

Either way it’s considered domestic violence so he was hooked and booked. While us officers were on scene the chick was going on and on about how if she couldnt get him in trouble with his family, then her next move was to get him fired (their affair apparently blossomed on the job where they work together) Boy was the chick suprised when she was also arrested for her part in the domestic. Dayummm was she pissed.

We then finished the shift with the crying guy who’s wife kicked his ass outside the nightclub (both husband and wife were pretty inebriated) They were both also arrested on dueling domestic charges. But the guy sobbed and cried all throuought the booking process, telling us we had no heart, or was it souls? I forget now. I didn’t mind so much because I ended up getting paid Holiday pay rate as soon as my shift was over and it took an hour and a half to book those two.



  1. I just saw an old ep of COPS where they were administering Narcan, and the cop said about how amazing it was the way it brought them right back. Didn’t mention the projectile vomiting. Thank God.

    Ahhhh, alcohol. Brings out the best in people, doesn’t it;)

  2. Things with drugs can get so messy. It breaks my heart to see people damage themselves like that.

    When I was in school (mental health and addictions) part of our training was to watch undercover footage with an officer from the OPP and the first time I saw an overdose it was that of a small child.
    It’s one of those things that makes you afraid to continue your work, and afraid to give it up all at the same time.

  3. Mommy2- I have seen so many of the street people go from semi normal to the walking undead in like no time at all. One of the local hookers when I started was a childhood friends sister (when she was younger she was a dead ringer for Alyssa Milano from Charmed) I barely recognized her after a few months It was really sad.

    Thankfully I haven’t had a small child O/D and hopefully never will.

    I know exactly what you mean about being afraid to go on and just as afraid to give it up at the same time.

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