Violence at Party
Ted D reports on a party that some say got out of control.
A family party took a violent turn, with the family saying the police went too far and the police saying the family did.
FOX25’s Ted D reports .
This is the kind of call that happens around here, during this call the officers were outnumbered by at least 4-5 drunken brawling partygoers on each one cop on scene
(note the urgency of the radio call to dispatch and the dispatchers response) I shudder to think what this call would have been like if the budget crisis had have made us lose 25 officers.
And not for nothing, but when your “baby shower” consists of over 100 drunken partygoers still going strong and fighting outside at 2 o’clock in the morning. Theres a problem. If you are still actively fighting outside when the cops show up, theres a problem, if it takes over an hour to finally have the call resolved, theres a problem.
And of course now their planning to sue the department.


  1. Wow, my baby shower was soooo boring compared to that.

    I can imagine that I would get very jaded if I saw the things you see, day after day.

    Wavin’ at you Enforcer.

  2. Mo- Yeah, it can get a bit tiring seeing it day after day. But I just remember that the lows maybe very low, but the highs are really high as well.
    Thanks for the waving and xoxo’s Waving and xoxo right back atcha good lookin. 😉

  3. Ummm… if you resist arrest, you’re going to be handled roughly. The more you resist, the rougher you’re handled. I’m not sure why this is such a difficult concept, and why people don’t have a problem with it until they’re the ones resisting arrest.
    My wife wants to know what all the men were doing at a baby shower. They obviously weren’t there for the woman, or there wouldn’t have been alcohol to sympathize with the pregnant woman who had better not have been drinking… or else they should get her for child abuse. Now I’m getting on my soap box. I’ll step down.

  4. Pastor Paul- 2 great points,stay on the soapbox we need more of it.
    The whole resisting arrest thing:

    1) My generation got that concept as I am sure yours did.
    2) I was taught and drilled the theory in the academy that the level of threat must be relatively equal to the level of force

    As for your wife’s astute observation remembering that all of this baby showerin was going on at 2am AND there were guys there AND most people were sloppy drunk AND a fight had begun OUTSIDE the house, nessescitating police intervention due to numerous 911 calls (we didn’t just pick out the house cause it looked like a fun place to pick on people) it would be safe to say that their contention holds no water.
    Here in Mass. for some reason people think that if they hang out a baby shower banner, a happy birthday baby, or a 25th anniversary banner the cops will never know that its ruse for a drinking party. They think we cops is dumb I s’pose

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