The so-called peaceful baby shower attendees  forgot to mention this incident when they were interviewed I guess.

A surveillance camera installed in a holding cell to protect officers against claims of police brutality, caught four handcuffed prisoners cornering a fifth man in the cell and kicking and injuring him, police said.

WF, 23,  was charged Sunday morning with carrying a machete in South Lawrence and placed in the so-called “pink room” at police headquarters while waiting to be fingerprinted and photographed.

The four other men, who had been arrested the same morning after an out-of-control party were placed in the same holding cell, which is called the pink room because of the color of its walls.

Police Chief  said the attack on WF occurred at about 3 a.m., but that police are not sure what caused it because the surveillance camera does not record sound. It shows WF standing up and crossing the room to talk with ONE OF THE ARRESTED PARTYGOERS.

THE CHIEF said the video at one point shows THE PARTYGOER, who is seated, kicking at WF, who backs off. WF then appears to have a harsh exchange of words with the four men.

The video, police said, shows another partygoer appearing to continue to argue with Fabian. Then the four men, with their hands cuffed behind them, corner WF and take turns kicking him. WF, at one point, kicks back.

Hearing the commotion, police entered moments later and broke up the beating. One officer sprayed pepper spray at the men.

Footage from the video camera, which was installed in February, can only be accessed by department information technology employees and an Internal Affairs sergeant. the chief said even he doesn’t have direct access to the tape.

The pink room camera was installed after multiple allegations of police brutality in the pink room arose. the chief said knowing the camera is there should dissuade people from making false brutality claims.

“This is a clear way to remove any doubt of what’s happening in there,” the chief said.


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