Last week we lost a great guy. He was a retired “old school” Irish beat cop. He was witty, and nothing or no one was off limits with his sarcastic one liners. He told it like it was, not how he (or you) wanted it to be, he had an opinion on every subject and was never afraid to share it with anyone who would listen. He wasone tough guy who was once named cop of the year .
He fought the city (and won) the right to REMAIN on the police force after the mandatory retirement age. At the very end of his career his health started to decline. He passed away last week.
He knew my parents very well and took me under his wing when I first got on the department. He would often give me advice and I learned an awful lot from him. I will miss him alot.

4 thoughts on “IN MEMORY

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s always hard to lose someone you love and care about. My heart goes out to you and to the others whose lives he touched.

    Obviously, he was a great man who surely touched many lives. He sounds like a force to be reckoned with. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    (This is probably totally inappropriate on this entry, but I just now found out from my blog stats that you have me linked here on your journal. Thank you so much! I feel honored! You must have read about my thing for guys in uniform, eh? *wink wink* Just kidding. Mostly. I’ll be back to check out some more of your journal when I am not under the influence of a pain killer for the stupid strained MCL I’ve got going on with my knee at the moment. But thanks again for the linkage! It never fails to take me by surprise and make me feel all special :)).

  2. Very sorry for your loss bro. These old-timers …. man I could listen to them all day long. So much wisdom and so much to learn.

  3. Amber- Thank you so much I really apreciate your kind words. I love reading your blog when I get a chance (and your uniform thing doesn’t hurt either 😉 and you will find on this blog that not much is inapropriate LOL) I cant wait to see ya back here from time to time and I hope that you heal quickly and are feeling better soon.

    Lori- Thank you so much, it means a lot to me.

    Snap- Aint it the truth. Those older cops taught us a lot about life and the job. It’s tough to lose them.

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