A police officer with at least 10 years of service was working an off duty assignment.
At the same time, a Father was bringing his son to the mental health center of UMASS Hospital.
The son was in the passenger side to the vehicle. As they approach the officer doing his job with the road crew, this individual decided to get out and attack the officer.

At one point the individual was able to GRAB the officers service weapon. (I don’t think he was able to get it out of his holster). At some point the crew and passing EMS. along with the officer were able to restrain this person.

From what I understand the officer received scratches and bruises. It appeared to be that this person wanted to be killed by a cop.

One of the persons rendering aid was a person who was 250lbs 6″5″ person who had 136 entries on his criminal record. His last 5 appearances were as a result of arrests made by the officer’s department, It seems that when the guy was arrested, those officers arresting him treated him decently.

Moral to the story. You never know what will happen, You never know how your actions will affect others. And you never know when where or how assistance will be provided.
So please be safe out there, show compassion when you can while making arrests,and always be alert..



  1. I think this is something that everyone should remember. Try to have compassion for everyone you come in contact with. Someone may treat you like shit, but you don’t know what’s going on in their life that they might be taking out on you. It’s nice in theory, but it is hard to do on a daily basis.

  2. From the very beginning I knew that to treat even the most viscious scumbag with compassion would be to my advantage. It has served me well through over two decades of police work. You don’t have to like them, but pretend you do.

  3. Compassion goes a long way, yes, but dang – can you ever be alert enough? Seems like sometimes things just come outta L field.

    Speaking of… time for a lil hiatus for me. =/

    ps – GREAT blog, Enforcer…
    btw, I don’t see the link for it any more on your sidebar, but did you receive my comment a while back to your 50 things or whatever?

  4. Lori- the in theory vs. in practice is sometimes the tough thing I agree.

    Brent- I do try, there has been a few times where it has been hard to pretend, but I do my best.

    Lil Bit- Your the alert thing happened to me just tonight (I will post about it when I can, loosed ends on the case not tied up yet) But yes Left field does sneak up on ya from time to time.

    I am going to miss ya on hiatus, I just found your blog relitavely recently and I enjoyed your stories and take on things.

    I will put back the 50 things list (I lost it when I re-designed my template)and I promise to respond to your comment (after the redesign, I forgot to keep checking it LOL)

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