A Policeman is the little boy who grew up to be what he said he was going to be.
He is a son, a brother, a father, and uncle and yes, even a grandfather. He is a man like all men, who has the same needs, the same desires and the same religious beliefs. A man who meets the requirements of the physically fit and who displays profound energy. He is an actor whose role is not one of fiction, but of reality.
He is a protector of the people, a pal to all children, a pacifier in time of sorrow. A professor of psychology. A parent to the homeless and the lost. A pleasant man who smiles through many trying situations. A prosperous man, who derives prosperity from the satisfaction of doing what he wants to do most.
He is an officer and official of the law, with out whom neither you nor I could live in peace and harmony, and without whom our very nation would crumble. Yet an ordinary man, who displays extraordinary bravery… who far too often sticks his neck out to save ours.
He’s sometime a lawyer, always a defender, but never a prosecutor.
His integrity is as much a tangible part of him as the shiny badge he wears. He’s a twenty-four hour watchman, whose aim, like his creed, is to protect and to serve.
Courage is his number one requisite and courtesy an every day part of his being and even though his courtesy isn’t always reciprocated, he remains courteous both out of duty and out of respect.
He’s a dedicated man, ready for action even beyond the call of duty, who so often performs the duties of a doctor, delivering a child under adverse conditions, rushing mother and child to a hospital at record breaking speed, and awaits his only reward… the report that mother and child are doing fine.
He’s the guy who ushers and controls at a parade, so that our wide eyed youngsters can enjoy the clowns, the animals and the marching bands. Dedicated enough to give up Sundays and holidays with his family, so that our families can enjoy Sundays and Holidays.
Yes, a policeman is that friendly guy standing on the corner in all kinds of weather, waving us on with his white gloved hand, assuring us that it’s save to proceed.
A Policeman deserves the same devotion he displays toward his fellow man. He deserves respect and a kind word for his many heroic accomplishments, A Policeman deserves a day in fact named in his honor… and everyday of our lives we should all thank God for that little boy who grew up to be what he said he was going to be… a Policeman!
By Eve Barber

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