It’s A Deal

Enforcerwife decided to brave the crowds and hunt for sales. She needed a new laptop because the kids spilled liquid candy on her mousepad and has been strugling with it for awhile now. I told her if she wanted one I’d get it for her while they were ridiculously low priced as long as I didn’t have to go. So I watched the kids while she made her pilgrimage. While she was out she got me a litle present too. She knows that I love all the new reality and game shows on tv now. My two favorite game shows being Deal or No Deal and Dont Forget The Lyrics and she got me the computer version of deal or no deal. I’m addicted to it….

6 thoughts on “It’s A Deal

  1. Damn, they’d have to be GIVING those laptops away for me to go shopping on Black Friday. I won’t even go out for a diamond ring, damn it!!:)

  2. I’m with goddess. You can’t pay me enough to shop on Black Friday.

    I think it’s so cool the way you’re always changing your blog around. Do you do your own graphics? Where do you get them? They look like video game graphics. Do you have a Santa Enforcer coming up soon? lol

  3. Goddess- You and me both. I Wont shop on regular days why would I on Black Friday.

    5150- I love messing with coding and pictures and all. The graphics are from second life. Its a virtual world where you can create an avatar and be interactive clothes toys etc…. It was featured on CSI this season. I learned some tricks to take photos and use them on the blog. The bald cop is a semi-realistic caricature of me (Its my perogative to embellish a little and take away my spare tire) And there WILL BE an EnforcerSanta very soon

  4. My kids and my nephew actually did the Black Friday thing and I stayed in bed this year.

    My son, Anthony (19) and my nephew got to Best Buy by 1:30am and the lines were ridiculous. There were people jumping into the front of the line, so my son never got the computer he went there to buy.

    On the other hand, my other son (17), his gf and another nephew waited inline at Toys R Us and were the third in line. Some freaking idiot cut in front of the first person in line and that started an argument, but the idiot stayed in the front of the line and my son and nephew didn’t say anything. You just never know what might happen.

    Anyway, my son did come out with the Zune he went in to get for $79.99 instead of paying $199.99. Not a bad deal.

    BTW, there’s another blogger I read who is really into the Second Life thing. I’ve always wanted to check it out, but never got around to it.

    Looking forward to seeing your Enforcer Santa blog. I actually just changed mine for Christmas AND I even waited until Thanksgiving was over! 😉

  5. Katey- Your so right about never knowing what could happen. If their crazy enough to be first in line on black fri. then they must be certafiable.
    I’m not that big on second life though, its basically an Instant Messenger with things to keep you occupied while your chatting. I really just like hopping on and snapping a few pics for the blog. But let me know if you ever do check it out.

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