Picture this if you will, you are 18 years old, have the whole wide world ahead of you, Bush Sr. is President, Bon Jovi still has a long mane of hair, the brat pack are in their prime, the mullet is the fashion for boys and the teased to the moon high hair is the in ‘do for girls, the Russians are still in Afghanistan and DOS is the preferred operating system for those new fangled computers.

I was brought back to those feelings last night at my 20th high school reunion. Let me first say, I had wrestled with wether I was gonna go or not for a few weeks prior to finally making up my mind to go. I made the right decision. There wasn’t a huge turnout but there was a lot of people who I had lost contact with over the years and it was so good to see them.

I made arangements with one of the cops I work with and his wife to grab a table and save seats (whoever got there first, they beat us by a few minutes) so that neither couple got banished to the Siberia side of the room. (it was like the football team table in cafateria in the good old days)  Our wives hit it off ragging about us to eachother all night. Enforcerwife played guess who Enforcer dated back in the day. She picked out a few but I refused to tell her if she was right or wrong.

I was rememberred more times than I wasn’t. I talked with guys and girls who had been there beside me when I was finding out exactly who I was and who I was going to be, I got to talk with my old football buddies we were all a bit chunkier and balder than back in the day and we all showed each other pictures and bragged about our kids. I had a long conversation with the head cheerleader, (without stammering, stuttering, or saying something truly stupid, which was a plus) and it may not have been that long, but it was longer than any conversations I had with her back in high school, but I suspect that may have had a lot to do with the stammering and stuttering thing. 

We took a 20 YEARS LATER group photo and it was funny that while we were lining up for it  someone ask wether there were any cops working last night. (I actually didn’t realize tht there were 6 cops from our graduating class) We have about 180 cops on the force so there was coverage LOL.

As I said before, there wasn’t a huge turnout and there were a lot of close friends whom I lost contact with that weren’t there and I would have loved to have seen them. But all in all it was a great time. I have to work tonight, but in the meantime I’m gonna crank some old school AC/DC on my IPOD and chill out a bit.  



  1. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years, huh? Time flies.

    Man, the 80’s were so cool (and still are). Isn’t it awesome that today’s teens listen to OUR 80’s music?! It’s ‘cuz we so totally ROCK! lol

    180 in your dept?! wow! That puts your population at about 60,000?

    Our Mayberry only has 10 on the street. With all the upper brass added, it brings the whole force to a whopping 15.

    Anyway, glad you had a good time.

  2. 5150- The 80s were an awesome decade to come of age in/. I love hearing my kidsgo nuts over “new” songs only to find out dad has the original on cassette.
    Our city is right around 40,000-60,000 bu packed into a small area with a lot of 3 decker houses (You can see what a 3 decker is if you watch good will hunting or the departed) Its a 3 floor flat topped house with families occupying each floor/.

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