So there I was sitting in my cruiser, it was 9:00 PM on a Sunday night. It wasn’t overly busy but somewhat steady. I get a call for, get this: Loud music coming from an address located downtown in the business district.

OK, there are a handfull of apartment buildings down there and one rooming house, but the address given struck me as not being near any of them.

It seemed odd, then it got even odder….

Dispatch updates that it’s coming from the dentist’s office and it is unbearably loud to the caller.

Now I’m sure that this is a prank call and I’m wondering if it is the dispatcher having fun at my expense or if there actually is some nitwit who thinks that the dentist is cranking the tunes at 9pm on a Sunday night.

I make my way leisurely to the address given and whaddaya know? Jokes on me, theres 2 outdoor speakers mounted outside the third floor windows facing the street and I am getting audibly assaulted by ………


CHRISTMAS CAROLS, Ohhhh yeah I rolled up to the crooning of Burl Ives have a holly jolly Christmas at a rediculously high decibel. It was followed by the little drummer boy (the David Bowie version) and Dean “Dino” Martin singing baby it’s cold outside. (And it really was cold outside, and rainy, so I really didnt need the weather update)

I advised dispatch that there was no knox box or phone number listed for the dentist or their alarm company, and I stood there, first humming, then singing Christmas Carols in the rain, on a Sunday night, at 9:00 PM, by myself, until dispatch finally tracked down the dentist and got him to respond to the office and turn down the tunes.

He got there, apologized profusely and explained that they had just decorated for Christmas and thought it would be cool to have Carols playing during business hours like in the olden days. Well they set up the stereo to an auto timer and thought it was set to 9:00 am when they open. But in actuality it was set to 9:00 PM and here we were.

I need a loooooong holly jolly vacation!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Ya’ know what? KUDOS to that dentist! It’s about time SOMEBODY threw caution to the wind & played their politically incorrect “Merry Christmas” music for all to hear. He gets an A for effort (but a D for execution).

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