Last two nights we had the first significant snow fall of this year  and I have to agree with5150’s hubby. The first night wasn’t so bad, it started late in the shift and it was witches mammary cold so there were very few people out. I was in a sector car and it wasn’t that bad. Just hunker down and wait for calls.

 However last night was the heart of the ice storm and I drew dispatch. We were logging between 5-10 accidents an hour for the first 5 hours. It wouldnt have been that bad if there weren’t the minimum amount of cars on the road and no 4wheel drive capable units on the road. And if there weren’t domestics, gun calls and tow trucks crashing into my sector cars. I seriously think someone should do a study on why people who have driven in snow year after year all freak out and crash (alot) during the first snow fall each year.

But worst of all was the drunk guy who called during the heart of the storm, he was obviously having a melancholy buzz because he called to tell us that he hadn’t talked to his mother in over 2 years but it was going on Christmas and he wanted us to help find her, he didn’t have an address for her but she used to live in our city and if we could he would like us to track her down and give her his telephone number and have her call him.




  1. Um, wow! You should write a book with all the crazy stuff you hear. Luckily we don’t have to deal with the snow down here.

  2. Oh, and thanks for the link. Nice to see you’ve dropped by.

    Your new Jiglu thingy is interesting. I just might have to steal it for myself…if you don’t mind. πŸ™‚

  3. Don’t you just love those intox callers who have soooo much to say when you are super busy. I swear they wait for moments like these.

  4. Before I had this job, I didn’t realize how ridiculous and annoying drunk people really are. I think that’s because previously in that situation, I was also a bit intoxicated. But, really… it’s like talking to a small child who just. doesn’t. get it.

    Happy holidays! πŸ™‚

  5. We got the same stupid storm. UGHHH! Took me 25 minutes to get down one avenue. We were freaking crawling and it’s no damn wonder people get stuck going as slow as they do. When I first started driving in snow, my husband kept saying, “you have to get a little speed going or you’ll never get up the hill”. I used to panic and slam on the break at the slightest sign of a skid. Now I know not to speed, but to keep it steady. Course that’s hard to do when you’re bumper to bumper for almost 45 minutes. Yuck.

  6. Lori- One day I actually hope to, there have been two literary books and one photo book published by officers in my police department. I hope to be the next someday, and these posts are my rough drafts….

    5150- damn girl you know how to hurt a guy. Witches Tits is what I meant to say. Damn, a chick bitching cause I didnt say titt, there is hope for America, Yeaaaaaah!!!!
    And my Jigglu as well as anything here on the website is fair game as long as you are noble and kind with it.

    Leigh- I dont have to tell you, they are un freaking belieavable. I swear, I hate being inside but it does give us sector cars a dose of what y’all dispatchers have to go through.

    Officer Wright- thanks for the kind words amd when Im finally retired, Ive told everyone Im walking south with a snow shovel till someone asks me what that silly thing is….

    Julie- If there weren’t any drunks Id have very little to blog about and wayyyy to much free time on my hands. I’d get in way to much trouble. Plus, they are job security. Happy Holidays to you and Polly too

    Wwhijr- I’ll gladly trade ya right about now.

    Witchypoo- Thank you, you are so sweet

    Goddess- Its drivers like you that give me writers cramp LOL

    Snap- When you take over as Chief, Ill be looking to lateral transfer bro. Keep me in mind LOL

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