I know that the tone of many of the last few posts about the ahemmmm great state of Massachusetts may seem like piling on or kicking a dog when he’s down. But in my defense, being a conservative thinker around here is next to impossible and when the liberals  keep on shooting themsel’ves in the foot I cant help but put in my two bits.

Below is an article from the local paper. Mind you, this state has many fine young men and women in harms way fighting for these nitwits to think any old way they choose. We also have one MIA soldier that we are all holding out hope for a safe return. A reminder along the highway overpass by patriotic Americans in the community does not seem to me to be problematic. As a cop I have yet to take a complaint for anyone claiming that a patriotic emblem or flag has in any way been harmful to them or caused an unsafe way of passage. In my humble opinion and I may be completely wrong but these constant attempts to take down patriotic symbols put up so that our fighting men and women know that we support their hard work wreaks of Anti-American sentiment wrapped in a banner of public safety. Perhaps if they were this dilligent about public safety while overseeing the Big Dig fiasco, we would feel safer. But thats way beside the point. Perhaps a rant for another day.


Supporter of troops calls for highway commissioner’s resignation

Jim Sereigo-Wareing is calling on state Highway Commissioner Luisa Paiewonsky to resign for causing a “public relations mess” with the state’s plan to take down patriotic displays from highway overpasses.

“I believe she should be removed from that position,” said Sereigo-Wareing of Methuen. “She’s caused so much controversy, she shouldn’t be in that position. This is a big mess for Massachusetts, locally and nationally.”

Earlier this week, the Massachusetts Highway Department announced it was banning displays of flags, ribbons, sheets and other items that hang on overpasses in support of men and women serving in the military. Sereigo-Wareing has been behind many of these patriotic displays since the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001.

It was the second time MassHighway had ordered the displays to come down. A year ago, MassHighway, under the direction of Paiewonsky, tried to ban flags. But after the story was reported in The Eagle-Tribune, MassHighway reversed its plan, saying secured and maintained displays like Sereigo-Wareing’s could stay.

This week, Gov. Deval Patrick stepped in. In a statement, he said displays could remain until transportation and veterans services officials could develop an “appropriate” way to honor troops.

“She directed both of those plans on taking down flags,” Sereigo-Wareing said. “I feel badly because Massachusetts supports troops very aggressively. The fault is by the commissioner again. I’m distraught over the whole thing.”

“The flags are nonpolitical,” Sereigo-Wareing said.

State leaders are supporting the displays, saying MassHighway should allow them to remain. State Sen. Steven Baddour, D-Methuen, said the flags should be allowed to hang permanently.

“I contend that over the last five years that our country has been at war, these remembrances have not caused undue harm or distraction to drivers,” Baddour wrote in a letter to Paiewonsky. “These signs and displays serve as a humbling reminder of our soldiers’ sacrifices while we continue to lead our own hectic lives.”

Two state legislators who lead the Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs also expressed support for the flag displays in a letter to the governor.

“These flags and banners are a necessary reminder that there are U.S. soldiers honorably fighting a war overseas,” said state Sen. Stephen Brewer, D-Barre, who along with Rep. Anthony Verga, D-Gloucester, submitted the letter to the governor.

MassHighway spokesman Erik Abell declined to address Sereigo-Wareing’s comments.

Highway and veterans affairs officials met Wednesday to discuss other ways to honor troops. Abell described that meeting as a “good exchange of ideas” and said another meeting is planned in the next few days.


2 thoughts on “FLAG WAVING RANT

  1. For what reason does the mucky-muck want to take down the tributes? Is it highway safety?
    I have a son who has done a tour in Bosnia, and one in Afghanistan, another one coming up soon.
    I may disagree with the government policies that send our troops there, but by every thing that is sacred, I support and honour our troops. They signed up to serve our country, and that is what they do, whether the countries policies make sense or not, their lives are on the line. Arrggh!

  2. Witchypoo- She says it’s in the name of public safety. But as I noted, I can’t come up with one instance of one of the displays being the cause of a public safety crisis. (big or small)
    Your sons are in my thoughts and prayers and their work and sacrafices are truly apreciated.

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