You may have noticed my new DECK THE HALLS banner in the sidebar. Those cool ladies over there are doing a Holiday Blog Decorating Contest. And never let it be said that the Enforcer doesn’t like a good contest. So I’m in. Any one interested can clink the link on this post or the banner to check it out.

I am more full of Holiday Cheer this year because its the first week in December and I am very close to being all the way done Christmas shopping this year. No last minute head spinning mad dashes to get the last few impossible to shop for people out of the way. And I would like to throw out a personal thanks to the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Championship and thus providing me a platform of souvenier items to pick from for my sports crazed yet impossible to buy for parents this year. You guys rock……



  1. Thanks for joining Deck the Blogs, your blog looks great. I’m going to have to send my husband over here, the two of you would get along wooooonderfully.

  2. Marie- Deck the blogs is an awesome idea, thank you very much. Please come back now and then and send the husband along as well, theres always something new here courtesy of the criminal element lol

  3. Hey Enforcer. Congrats on finishing up your Xmas shopping early!

    Don’t worry about getting me anything this year. You already gave me the gift of laughter with you featured as “100 Most Beautiful” by People Magazine.

    But if you do happen to win 1st Prize over at Deck the Blogs….keep in mind that yellow topaz pendant just happens to be MY birthstone. Wow, what a coincidence! 🙂

  4. 5159 Laughter huh? I heard bald and fat was the new chic style 😉
    What a coinkydink about a yellow topaz, and all this time I thought a topaz was a car…..

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