Thats how I’m spelling it right now, between PTA conferences (kids got their report cards) and did pretty good this semester I might add then a meeting with the attorney (re-arranging the visitation schedule with EnforcerEx again) my regular shifts at work and overtime paid detail at Denny’s Resturaunt (1am-5am during the post nightclub rush) I almost forgot what my house and bed looked like and sleep was a precious and cruel mirage.

I do have to say that the Denny’s shift was kinda fun, I love people watching anyhow, coming up with all sorts of thoughts about who they are and where they are in life (the more out there the story the better) me and my kids try to outdo eachother with our “person summaries” that is fun in itself and the added bonus is watching the drunk chicks in their ahemmm finest club hoochie outfits strutting about like peacocks and the drunk guys trying to outmanuever and or cock block each other. And as an added ultra bonus, I get paid to do it.

I had a few minor incidents to attend to while working, first there was the guy who was refreshing his soda pop with some harder stuff. (he may have had a chance getting away with it if he hadnt asked the waitress for a “to go” cup with just ice cubes in it……
Then there were the cousins who had too much to drink and were about to catfight over a guy that one of them dumped and the other one started seeing…..
Both groups were kindly and politely asked by the Enforcer to vacate the premesis. When the crowds finally dwindled I got to read a few chapters of the new book I’ve been reading. It’s called “Murder at Plymoth Plantation” I got about 9 chapters read and its a very captivating read, I can’t wait to find out whodunnit.


6 thoughts on “HOW DO YOU SPELL R-E-L-I-E-F

  1. I remember those Denny’s nights well. All bleary eyed and trying to sober up before heading home to possibly run into my folks as I quietly try to sneak up to my bedroom…ah – those were the days.

  2. Ahhhh MCM good times, good times. My parents always bagged me though, and they didn’t yell or lecture they just played the music that much louder or talked that much more or the piece de resistance was when dad would prepare himself a liver and onions dinner.

  3. Well, I guess I was a goody two shoes compared to you least way back when…it was in my mid twenties that I found out how “fun” those after drinking hours Denny’s could be…lol…
    Hey, enforcer…I totally stole your magazine image thingy…but I can’t get it to fit my sidebar…any suggestions?

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