Well, it snowed (again) last night and when I say snow I mean someone shook up the snow globe and dumped several inches on us. I worked through the heart of the storm, I’m usually the downtown car (which is a decent sector to have) there is always plenty to do and it is mostly buisness district, but last night I got moved to one of the south sector. The south is more residential and the layout is spread out better than the north so there are usually less call volume. So it seemed like I was probably going to have a decent night. Not many people outside (due to the storm) and less call volume (due to the location) right??????

Ahhhh No……..

The south went off the beam last night, more directly the OTHER south sector, but seeing as we are one man cars there is usually 2 cars sent to each high priority call. I had two actual calls in my sector. One was an alarm call and the other was a little old lady who called because someone she didnt know was knocking on her door sometime around 11 pm. It ended up being some entreprenuring youngsters looking to shovel driveways. (we counseled the youngsters about appropriate business hours and I think we got through to them)

However, in the other sector everyone seemed to be suffering from cabin fever, we had calls for a large group fighting with shovels, ice picks and windshield scrapers in the street, several domestics, a few car accidents (there were very few of them) which solidifiess my contention from a few posts back that it’s the first snowfall that everyone forgets how to drive but once they get their snow legs they do ok. But the call of the night goes to……
Drum Roll Please
We get a call for a disturbance, a large group of people possibly arguing and whatnot at an off campus housing complex. Originally there were 2 sector cars and 2 seargents sent to the call, but enroute one of the seargents went off with a motor vehicle stop (a guy driving like a nitwit) and creating a danger to the public on the roadway, the other seargent backed up the first one on the car stop and I continued on with the sector car to the original call. When we got there there were a bunch of college kids out in the hallway drinking and carousing, when they saw us coming up the stairs they all beat feet into one of the apartments. We followed the trail of breadcrumbs (or more appropriately) Budweiser bottles and knocked on the door.

We were going to do one of two things, either tell them to keep it down (if there was only a handfull of people) or shut the party down and send everyone home (if there was a larger group)

However when we made entry into the apartment the drunk college kids (not all of em were drunk) began giving us grief, the usual stuff, go fight real crime, you are picking on us, you got a warrant? etc….

There was one guy I spotted who jammed his hand inside his puffy coat when he saw us. Well, as a cop we are trained to assume that anyone making furtive movements such as that needs to be addressed for safety reasons, and with about 10-12 possibly intoxicated college kids (about 4-5 being female) and only two officers on scene at this time, everyone gets brought out and lined up so that no one can jump us from behind while we are dealing with the most imminent threat.
As we were checking everyone and doing criminal warrant checks on them the two seargents arrived on scene along with another backup officer. The drunkest one of all refused to stay on the wall and when he was ordered to stop creating a disorderly situation he decided that thiswould be a great time to challenge the cops to a fight, he squared off and went at it with the other officer but made the mistake of working the fight to where myself and a seargent was standing, 2 palm heel strikes to the kidneys and a bodyslam later the guy was neutralized and in cuffs.

We went about our business of checking warrants and I noticed that most of the male subjects were of Canadien origin, we were about 4 blocks away from a division one hockey east college, they were athletically built, and we knew that at least one of them had a proclivity to fighting so I (and yes I admit it) I suppose I racially profiled these fine young people and asked if per chance we were dealing with a contingency of the hockey team?
Bingo, we have a winner, give the Enforcer a cigar- boy am I good *insert shameless pat on the back here*
And I wonder why detectives division hasn’t made me anoffer to join as of yet LOL.

The kid I was patting down confirmed that they were indeed a small contingency of the hockey team, I told him I figured he was a defenseman due to his size and gentelmanly manner.He confirmed that too. I then surmised that the guy who started fighting had to be a forward, right again, confirmed by the defenseman I was checking. One of the seargents asked the defenseman why the other guy tried to fight us and the defenseman deadpanned “cause he is a forward I guess”. I had to stifle my laughter on that one.
Everyone checked out without warrants, the party was shut down and everyone was sent on their way. And most importantly the Enforcer still has his hockey chops.



  1. One man patrol cars makes absolutely no sense to me. I’d also have to say that those hockey puckers were darned lucky they didn’t get more of a tuning. Cops are people it is best not to display the attitude around. They have tazers, and mace, and handcuffs. I try to fake good behaviour around cops.

  2. Witchy- I actually love having my own car, no one to have to compromise with for the radio station, a place to put my gearbag and freedom. Although once in awhile when theres a reason we do 2 man cars and it is fun to rock and roll with a partner. And some of us cops are actually likeable so ya wont have to fake good behavior 😉

    Drc- Not much to tell on that one, when we got there everyone had gone home, the fight must have been called off on account of inclemant weather

    Wyatt- My 2 favorite things law enforcement and hockey, I love it when a plan comes together

    Deb- A woman who knows what a hat trick is, where ya been all my life 😉

    Julie- I’ll see your mountain men and raise ya two hockey players and a crack addict.

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