I have 3 kids enrolled in basketball right now. They are all in different levels of development and it is so cool to see each one of them as they learn and grow.

The youngest is just learning the basics and she can barely reach the net when she shoots, but she is trying so hard and she finds the most enjoyment over the smallest accomplishments. She just loves being out there and having fun.

My son is in the next level of development, they have learned the basics and are starting to learn the finer points of the game, they arent quite ready for competition (they’re actually the bad news bears of basketball) but they are a fun group of kids who are coming together as a group and learning that there is no “I” in “TEAM” Which I can tell you is a great virtue to learn.

My oldest daughter, by far the most athletically gifted of the three kids is in the advanced league, they keep score and are quite a good team. And as a biased father I can tell you my daughter can hold her own against any other girl in the league.

The whole basketball thing is also providing a neutral (ish) ground for both sets of us (parents) to come together and not be so uptight and have all of the custody issues hanging thickly in the air because there is too much rooting for great basketball achivements to be done to let that crap creep in.

I hate basketball, with a passion. But I love seeing my kids enjoying basketball with all my heart.


9 thoughts on “HOOP DREAMS

  1. I can relate. I do not like soccer. Except when it’s my Sportster playing.

    Ithink that’s great that you guys can put your differences aside for the kids. It’s the grown-up thing to do.

    Glad you added a site feed. Thanks!

    And, last but not least, I notice Enforcer is now on the beach of some exotic island. Hmmm, shall I venture to guess we are tiring of winter??? 😉

  2. I don’t like basketball either and am happy as hell that both my sons are playing baseball – a sport I played as a youngster. I also love going to their games all summer long.

  3. I hated basketball too. My daughter played just about every sport and was good at all of them. I went to all of her basketball games and left everyone of them with a headache. Finally she gave it up and took up track and field. That I can handle. I say let your kids do what “they” want to do, especially sports.

  4. My kids play soccer (it’s all that in Florida) and I’ve come to love it. (But don’t you dare call me a soccer mom!) My oldest rocks–varsity forward–my youngest scares the hell out of me as a haphazard goalie.

    It also has been that neutral ground with my ex–which has become infinitely lighter in the last two years.

    Thanks for advertising your E card on my site–I like it standing guard there!

  5. One year when all three of my boys were playing basketball on three different teams, they got there uniforms and all of them brought home a jersey with the number 7 on it. I lined them up with their backs to me, had them look over their shoulders and took a picture! Priceless! I wish I had a scanner.

  6. you know, I once thought basketball as a non-contact sport, just because there’s a ball and it gets passed and dunked. But after watching a game sitting at the immediate courtside, I changed my mind.

    I’m loving the new theme!

  7. It is so great that this is more then basketball for the whole family. And that it is a neutral ground for everyone to support the kids is the best reason to love the sport.

  8. Thanks everyone, it is deffinately cool that the games are a place where we all can semi let our guard down.

    Mo- you always make me feel good about myself you are so sweet

    Woobie- I lost my front tooth playing that non contact sport, remind me to blog that story sometime, you’ll love it

    Sue- I did the same thing with my kids, the two oldest wore 8 because their daddy’s favorite RedSox Player of all time is Yaz. Its such a cool pic

    Deb- My favorite sexy soccer mom
    Firstly I was a street hockey goalie back in the day. “watch the soccer goalie son that one is gonna be your rebel child” its a known fact that rock drummers and goalies are the reckless friends that get all the chicks and will do anyything on a dare……
    I like the way my entrecard looked on your blog, hope to guard that spot many times in the future.

    Mandy- any woman who hates basketball is A-Ok in my book,, we gotta work on that track n field thing though.

    MCM- I’m a baseball fan from way back too, and I love my kids playing it too…..

    5150- I hate soccer too….
    The beach thing was my way of summoning the global warming spirits.

    Angie- Ive been a bad enforcer lately, I promise to make time to do the tag real soon.

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