I went to 911 school the last couple of days. It was overtime so during the day I was in school and at night I was working the shift. I actually got certafied for 911 about 8 years ago, but technology has sprinted along since then and there is now Enhanced 911.
Which to sum up in a phrase equals “Dayum Enforcer you sure are getting old”

  • When I first got on there was not enough cell phones out there to really take them into consideration. and the ones out there didn’t have GPS capabilities.
  • Our 911 workstations were a big clunky boxy type space 1999 computers that had one font one size and the old greenish background.
  • Mapping wasn’t even given a thought
  • Doccumentation was printed onto a long roll of cpu paper and stored in a box in dispatch.
  • You had to physically pick a phone up off a cradle to answer the calls
  • You could transfer calls to our ambulance and the fire dispatchers but beyond that you had to take down the info and call other police departments and fire on the house line and pass on the info to them.

Going through this class was kinda amazing to see the level of technology we have reached, it also was eye opening as to just how much big brother could watch if he wanted to.

When a 911 call comes in it gets routed to one of several different columns

  • one is the “hard line” (regular calls from someones house wired line) it shows where the address of the caller is calling from and their phone number
  • the next is the cell 1 column (cell phones with limited gps capabilities) it gives the phone number, the cell phone provider number and the closest cell phone tower
  • The other is the cell 2 column which gives the callers actual location within 200 yards one way or another.
  • We can transfer calls that were misdirected to us to whichever police department that they were intended with a quick click from a drop down number
  • And there still is a cloud 9 button, a preprogramed message for those people who call 911 to find out if school is canceled, what time is it, or if we’d like to buy a magazine subscription.

Every call is mapped so you can see the general vicinity of where the call is originating and you can enter notes like “guns recovered from this house or whatever the case may be so that these facts will pop up if there are calls from the same location in the future.

The TTY System (911 for the deaf) has been upgraded and it is a ton easier to take these calls now.

The class was really interesting but I’m so glad its over and done with.


9 thoughts on “911, THIS IS ENFORCER, HOW MAY I HELP YOU?

  1. Eh! Nice share, mate!

    The above mentioned are like, totally new info to me!

    Well, I am not a policeman, never had a close friend who is a policeman either, got a relative who is a policeman but he lives quite far away.

    Now I know a bit more about the 911 system aye?

    I wonder how the 999 system is like over here in Malaysia? -_-

    Probably not as advanced, aye?

    Thanks for sharing yo!

    Cheers, mate!

  2. Awesome information….bet you had a tough two days…was probably hard to stay awake, huh? Get some rest, man…you are making me tired!

  3. Leon, thank you for commenting, I don’t ask that everyone blindly trust the police just for the sake of trust. Just keep an open mind when dealing with us. I see myself as a regular person who just happens to be a cop. It’s not what defines me in the real world (any more so than a plumber or a baker) I have thoughts, ideas and faults just like everyone else. I don’t hit the streets with the thought process of “who can I fuck with today”
    I do my job, the best I can but if I piss people off while doing my job it’s something I cant really do anything about. I treat people how they treat me.
    I do appreciate your candor and point of view.

  4. Yeah, things have changed a LOT. Technology is a great thing… but we all have to catch up with it or it doesn’t do any good!

  5. Welcome to my world. Lucky you, you got to check out after a couple days. 😛 We don’t have a line for school closings and the such but I like that recorded message that’s on youtube
    Thank you for calling the police dept…If you are being assaulted please press 1
    If you would like us to raise your children for you please press 2…
    and so on, have you heard it?
    We should have one of those messages!

  6. This post reminds me of how my old high school teacher sent me an urgent text message saying she didnt want to get embarassed in front of her class when one of her students brought her laptop to school because she (the student) couldn’t print out the assignment. The stude left the laptop with the teacher so she can view the assignment, prob is the teacher doesnt know which one is “my documents”, or “desktop” and was too proud to ask anyone there.

    😀 nice read, manly policeman.

  7. If your interested, check this site out…
    Right side of the page under Website Updates click on More Updates and choose 07-11-07 Otis Fire HQ. This is the COMM center where I work. We answer 911 for nine towns. We now have a state of the art Vesta 911 and E911I system and I can tell you that it is a huge improvement over the old NASA space-like looking boxes of push buttons and hook flash transfers (a nightmare)! The mapping data base works well with the GPS system, making it so much easier to locate a silent caller, or the dreaded “I don’t know where I am” caller. Have you ever dispatched? I enjoy reading your blog and hope you’ll continue! GO PATS!

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